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MD Series - BlackPlus

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MD Mechanical diaphragm metering pumps Pompe dosatrici a membrana meccanica

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The OBL MD series are mechanical diaphragm spring return mechanism metering pumps. They combine the working characteristics of a plunger with the sealing advantages of a diaphragm pump. Thanks to the quality and simple design of the diaphragm, these pumps are easy-handling. La pompa dosatrice OBL a membrana meccanica serie MD con meccanismo a ritorno a molla con albero eccentrico e disco di spinta, associa le caratteristiche funzionali delle pompe a pistone e i vantaggi delle pompe a membrana. Grazie alla qualità e alla semplicità della membrana queste pompe sono di facile gestione....

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BLACKPLUS series General features: • Diaphragm, low cost, robust, compact metering pump. • The mechanical diaphragm works both giving the swept volume, acting basically as plunger, and as separator between casing and the pumped fluid. • Easy and minimum maintenance required, thanks to the reduced number of components. • The OBL’s unique (patented) mechanical diaphragm design ensures linearity between flow rate and percentage of stroke. The flow rate is virtually uneffected by the working pressure variations. • Leak-free pump, due to OBL’s stress-proof diaphragm. • High working safety: - No...

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Mechanical diaphragm metering pumps MD Basic models • Double and single valve ball. • Suction and discharge connections both threaded and flanged (on demand). • Max. suction lift 1,5 m.w.c. (see operating manual). • Max. temperature of dosed chemical: 45 °C. • ± 2% accuracy within 10 to 100% of the nominal flow rate. • L'esecuzione prevede valvole a sfera doppie e singole. • Gli attacchi di aspirazione e mandata sono forniti sia filettati che flangiati. • Aspirazione massima 1,5 mt. colonna acqua (vedi libretto istruzioni). • Temperatura massima del liquido dosato: 45 °C. • Precisione ± 2%...

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> > > OBL Metering Pumps Diaphragm structure Modelli base Struttura della membrana Max overall dimensions Dimensioni massime di ingombro Manual adjustment / Regolazione manuale The OBL's unique mechanical diaphragm design ensures controlled volumetric displacement, giving plunger-like performances. Thus the flow rate is virtually unaffected by the working pressure variations. La particolare struttura fisica della membrana meccanica OBL, consente una flessione controllata e permette alla membrana un comportamento analogo al pistone. In questo modo la portata diventa quasi insensibile alle...

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MD Technical data MAX FLOW RATE l/h PORTATA Max l/h BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF 3/8” g.f.- BSPF 3/8” g.f.- BSPF 3/8” g.f.- BSPF 3/8” g.f.- BSPF 3/8”g.f.BSPF 1/2”g.f.BSPF 3/8”g.f.BSPF 1/2”g.f.BSPF 3/4” g.f.- BSPF 3/4” g.f.- BSPF 3/4” g.f.- BSPF 3/4” g.f.- BSPF 1” g.f.- BSPF 1” g.f.- BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF BSPF 3/4” g.f.- BSPF 3/4” g.f.- BSPF 3/4” g.f.- BSPF 1” g.f.- BSPF 1” g.f.- BSPF TYPE TIPO STROKE LENGHT CORSA Caratteristiche tecniche CONNECTIONS/ATTACCHI THREADED FILETTATI...

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MD Adjustment systems Manual adjustment Regolazione manuale > Sistemi di regolazione Knob with micrometer scale. Manopola e nonio lineare. 0÷100% manual adjustment via: • Knob with micrometer scale (as standard). • Dial handwheel (on demand). Flow rate adjustment is smooth and linear, and can be made whether the pump is running or stationary. The dial adjuster has a 0÷100% scale for accurate reading. La regolazione della portata è in percentuale da 0% a 100% della portata max. di targa: • Con manopola e nonio lineare (STD). • Con indicatore tipo orologio (su richiesta). Dial handwheel....

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Technical data are subject to modifications without prior notice. - I dati tecnici possono essere modificati senza preavviso. BLACKPLUS series

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