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OM OM Pumps - Magnesium oxide slurry dosing Via Kennedy, 12 5 l/h @ 40 bar g spring return mechanism. MHBN/MHCN Pumps - Filter aid (kieselgur) dosing OBL is a world leader in the manufacture of metering pumps for FILTER AIDS, used for wine, beer and fruit juice filtration. These are diatomaceous earths known as Kieselgur. A range of pumps is available including lip seal plunger pump, mechanical diaphragm and hydraulically actuated diaphragm. These meet the general requirements for flow rates and pressure (100 litres per hour, 26,5 GPH at 10 bar g, 145 PSI g). HV HV Pumps - High viscosity dosing These are designed for dosing diluted MAGNESIUM OXIDE slurry into diesel. Working with the manufacturers of the magnesium oxide slurry, since 1980 the OM pump has been specifically designed with special wetted materials for this application. It is available with both spring and positive return mechanism (flow rates up to 68 litres per hour, 18 GPH and operating pressures up to 50 bar g, 725 PSI g). Quality System ISO 9001 Certified All O B L pumps, can be equipped with Z type electrical actuator, with following characteristics: Z type actuator vertically fitted on XL pump ((hydraulic diaphragm to API 675 STD). • Manual emergency override • Anticondensation heather (on demand) • Non standard voltages and frequencies • External automatic/manual selector Pump type MHBN100 PP The type of pump that best meets both the technical and economic requirements is the MHBN/MHCN versions. Flow rate is adjusted according to following input signals: Z type actuator vertically fitted on LX9 pump (hydraulic diaphragm to API 675 STD). • 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 20-4 mA e 0-10 V These are specially designed with PP heads, FDA silicone seals and an AISI 316L seats and balls coupled with the OBL unique PTFE mechanical diaphragm. • Pulses (0÷2 Hz - 0÷30 Hz) • RS 485 protocol • Profibus DP - V Ø Z type actuator horizontally fitted on XRN pump (hydraulic diaphragm). 6 l/h 10 bar g. Spring return mechanism. Specifically designed to handle high VISCOSITY PRODUCTS the HV pumps are available in packed plunger version only with either spring or positive return mechanisms. These pumps are capable of handling products with a viscosity up to 55,000 cP with each head capable of achieving flow rates of up to 150 l/h (40 GPH). CN CN Pumps - Microdosing These pumps are designed to handle EXTREMELY LOW FLOW RATES where continuous dosing is required. These packed plunger pumps are able to control down to addition levels of 15 ml/h (0.04 GPH) at a maximum pressure of 40 bar g (600 PSI g) due to the unique OBL packed plunger design and the use of exotic materials for valves components. Pump type RCN 6A 70 TL 500 ml/h max capacity 40 bar g max pressure 1% step dial STD manual adjustment. Detail of Analogical reading (1% steps). Quality System ISO 9001 Certified

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FLOW RATE Spring Return Spring Return Hydraulic Diaphragm Spring Return Positive Return Spring Return Positive Return • Black anodizing Aluminium casing; • Black anodizing Aluminium casing; • Simple and robust spring return plunger • API 675 positive return plunger pump; • Black anodizing Aluminium casing; • Technically advanced hydraulic diaphragm • Simple and robust spring return plunger • Heavy-duty construction designed for • Low cost, due to reduced number of • Technically advanced hydraulic diaphragm continuous (24 hour) industrial operation; • Low cost, due to reduced number of • Low...

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