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The smartest wireless riveting machine, ready for the industry of today and of tomorrow. BTR 170 REBEL World Smartest Cordless Riveting Tool Rivet nuts are used when clamping efficiency is associated with rivet aesthetics and is applied in many industries and markets, including: automotive, trains building, cars and boats, wind turbines, in the industry of production of agricultural machines and precision engineering works, such as mechanical and medical engineering. BTR 170 “Rebel” is the wireless riveting machine that always guarantees a quality result and absolute precision

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When the tool makes the difference: riveting with stainless steel rivets. PRECISION RIVETING BTR 170 REBEL World Smartest Cordless Riveting Tool QUICK CALIBRATION OF FORCE/PRESSURE for a constant setting quality. With possibility to fasten twice the same insert without ruining it and apply the inserts out of different thicknesses without changing the settings. Tightening and loosening occur in a single operation, with just one press of the trigger. BTR 170 “Rebel” allows you to easily use the rivet nuts even on combined metal/plastic applications and other materials and is a versatile and...

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Cordless Power: portable and free to move about, lithium-ion battery. PAT E N T E D BY O B E R ® BTR 170 REBEL World Smartest Cordless Riveting Tool Long lasting, quick charging lithium-ion battery, a real revolution in the world of riveting machine The powerful, rechargeable 14.4 V-2.6 Ah battery with a high capacity (up to 800 work cycles per battery) ensures work can proceed without interruption. • • • • LONG LIFE BATTERY LI-ON 14,4 Volt / 2,6 Ah Lithium Battery - No memory effect New and improved battery and battery charger Smart energy management based on your needs to provide optimum...

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INDUSTRY 4.0 Take total control of assembly processes. BTR 170 REBELWorld Smartest Cordless Riveting Tool PATENTED BY OBER’ SMART PERFORMANCES: from the simplest and quickest on-board adjustments to more advanced features to manage information coming from the production line, all within an arm's reach, any time, anywhere. Ober® BTR 170 "Rebel" can record all affixing data for each rivet applied, instantly indicating critical issues and ensuring traceability for all activities - indispensable features for INDUSTRY 4.0! MENU IN 6 LANGUAGES BATTERY LOAD LEVEL INFORMATION OF SCREWING...

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When the production efficiency determines the choice, BTR 170 constitutes a certain response with high performance, reliable, inside evolved quality. BTR 170 REBEL World Smartest Cordless Riveting Tool Change tooling in just a few seconds, without additional equipment. Just a few seconds are needed to set up the chuck, no other equipment required. The OBER-patented system eliminates downtime between one machining and the next, for maximised productivity. • Pressure sensor • Manual emergency reset and unscrewing The tools used for installation depend on the size of the rivets to install. To...

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MADE in OBER® a powerful concentrate of quality and innovation. BTR 170 REBEL World Smartest Cordless Riveting Tool Electro-hydraulic technology by Ober® con manutenzione a 250.000 cicli. Efficient, ergonomic, reliable, versatile, durable, innovative The BTR 170 REBEL is a stable, silent and highly productive product with a speed of 24 inserts per minute and force with varies from 3kN to 22* kN ( M3-M10* steel inserts). * with suitable inserts The electric-hydraulic system patented by Ober® and used in the BTR 170 “Rebel” along with its innovative circuitry ensure other automated regulation...

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TECHNICAL FEATURES . WEIGHT: Setting capacities: Load setting: Battery autonomy: Speed: Stroke settings: OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES . BATTERIES 2,49 kg including battery and utensils Steel rivets from M3 to M10 Stainless steel rivets from M3 to M10 Stud bolts from M3 to M8 3,0 kN - 22 kN 800 cycles / M6 e 650 cycles / M8 up to 24 applications/min 7,0 mm CONTINUOUS POWER SUPPLY Battery 14,4V 2,6 AH Battery 14,4V 4,0 AH Battery charger Solo EU Battery charger Solo USA Battery charger Multi x4 UE Battery charger Multi x4 USA Continuous power supply 5m EU Continuous power supply 5m USA ASSEMBLING...

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Via Don Minzoni, 19 - 40057 Cadriano di Granarolo dell'Emilia kiwa , ', ^pr J    Partner for progress VsY AUTOfilTA GARAHTI f “>77 DELLA CMCQflREHIA ^ AGLM E DEL MERUTO

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