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Thermo Scientific finnpipette® novus brochure

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Thermo Scientific Finnpipette® Novus Single and Multichannels The first electronic pipette with a backlit graphical user interface in six languages Part of Thermo Fisher Scienti

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As the leader in pipetting, we are proud to introduce the new Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus, a pipette that combines simplicity, comfort and functionality in an exceptionally intuitive ergonomic design. Built on the results of recent independent ergonomics studies*, and customer feedback, the new Finnpipette Novus gives you the power to reach the highest level of pipetting performance. Simple The new Finnpipette Novus is so user-friendly that you'll learn how to use it in only a few minutes. With the instantly familiar menu and simple button layout, you can choose all the pipetting...

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Longest warranty in the industry First in the world, we offer 2-year warranty for Finnpipette Novus. This unique and incredible benefit provides the highest quality pipettes for it's customers. 2-year warranty is provided to each registered customer, the non-registered pipette owners get automatically 1-year warranty. Always ready To ensure that it is always powered and ready to use, Finnpipette Novus has a new lightweight, long life battery. Depending on the settings, the battery allows approximately 4000 pipetting operations and can be fully recharged in only 1 hour. The pipette can also...

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FINN PIPETTE1 The intuitive menu makes all the most commonly used functions, such as PIPETTE, easily available. Selecting PROGRAM accesses 9 different user memory slots, which are available for storing your own combinations of the 10 different pipetting functions. The STEPPER function enables you to repeatedly dispense the volume you choose over a selected number of repetitions. This function is mainly used n routine applications where efficient and high speed pipetting is needed. NEW! Backlit graphical display Finnpipett programs Finnpipette Novus range is the first electronic pipette...

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Thermo Scientific Finntip® Thermo Scientific Finntip pipette tips complement the new Finnpipette Novus to make a complete optimized pipetting system. Finntips are fully compatible with all Finnpipettes, providing optimal liquid handling results. All Finntips are available in easy-to-open, fully autoclavable hinged tip racks with color-coded matrix trays. Finntip Pipette Tips Tip-top quality Ensure the success of your application with Finntips High-quality Finntip pipette tips have always been an essential part of our world leading family of Finnpipettes. Our advanced molding techniques...

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Color code: Pink Description Finntip 10 Finntip 10 Finntip 10 sterile Finntip 10 refill starter kit Finntip 10 refill kit Length: 3.2 cm Description    Quantity Finntip 1000 Ext sterile 5x96/rack Length: 10.5 cm Color code:    Length: 14.7 cm Finntip 10 ml Finntip 250 Universal II    Cat. no.    Description    Quantity refill kit Color code:    Length: 5.2    cm Description Finntip 10 ml Finntip 10 ml Finntip 10 ml Finntip 10 ml sterile Length: 15.0 cm

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Thermo Scientific Finntip - Special Pipette Tips Finntip Flex 300 . Cat. no.    Description    Quantity Color code:    Length: 6.0 cm Finntip BioCon * Finntip Wide Finntip Flex 1200 fj Cat. no.    Description    Quantity 94060813    Finntip Flex 1200 sterile 10x96/rack 94060820    Finntip Flex 1200    1000/bag Color code:    Length: 8.7 cmTurquoise Cat. no.    Description    Volume 9405 020    Finntip 250    10-250 pi Wide sterile Color Code: Length: 5.3 cm / 7.2 cm White Description Finntip Flex 10ml Ext Length: 26.7 cm Quantity 100/bag Finntip Flex 1000 Refill Starter Kit * Finntip...

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Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus specifications** Order no.    Range    Increment Volume Inaccuracy    Imprecision    Color code Finntip X=0=Eur.1=US 2=Jap.3=UK 4=Australia * s.d. = Standard Deviation, CV = Coefficient of Variation. ** Factory calibration limits. Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus Stand 9420360    Novus stand (for one pipette) Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus Multichannel specifications** Order no. Channels Range Increment Volume Inaccuracy    Imprecision    Color code Finntip X=0=Eur.1=US 2=Jap.3=UK 4=Australia * s.d. = Standard Deviation, CV = Coefficient of...

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