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TDSTestr® 11 Series

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TDSTestr® 11 SeriesOne meter can measure total dissolved solids from pure water to concentrated solutions Large, easy-to-read display - Two-line display—units, measurement status, and battery life indicators Replaceable electrodes - Reuse the meter body to save money Temperature readout - Simultaneous display in °C or °F Full reading displayed - No need to multiply the readout to obtain actual test values Adjustable TDS factor - 0.4 to 1.0 gives better accuracy Push-button calibration - Calibrate your tester more precisely than trimpot adjustment; no screwdrivers necessary Hold function; Auto shutoff Waterproof, dustproof housing - Meets IP67 ratings—plus, it floats! Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) - Gives you accurate measurements even with fluctuating temperatures Calibration buttons tucked away in battery compartment to avoid accidental recalibration. TDSTestr 11+ features - Operate as either cup-style or dip-style tester for greater flexibility Choose dip-style or cup-style electrodes ifia-:.:'!rc CERTIFIED SUPPLIER V V Catalog number Applications TDSTestr 11 Low range: Measure TDS in natural water. Verify reverse osmosis systems and tap water quality. Check nutrient solution concentration for hydroponics. High range: For measuring TDS in salt water, wastewater, cooling tower water, and boiler condensate. Check nutrient solution concentration in hydroponics applications. Measure salinity for ponds and recirculating systems. Check saline and chemical levels in pools and spas. TDSTestr 11+ Ultra-low range: ideal for measuring TDS or conductivity (pS) in distilled water, natural water, drinking water and reverse osmosis systems. Low range: Use for measuring TDS or conductivity (pS) in natural water. Verify reverse osmosis system operation and tapwater quality. Check nutrient solution concentration in hydroponics applications. High range: Use for measuring TDS or conductivity (mS) in salt water, wastewater, cooling tower water, and boiler condensate. Check nutrient solution concentration in hydroponics applications. Measure salinity in ponds and recirculating systems. Check saline and chemical levels in pools and spas. Temperature display: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F), 0.1°C resolution, ±0.5°C accuracy Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) Temperature compensation: automatic (ATC) from 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) ATC coefficient: 2% per °C, 1.11% per °F, 25°C reference temperature Wetted materials: 316 stainless steel (electrodes) and HDPE/Valox® housing Accessories WD-35661-17 Replacement electrode for TDSTestr 11 WD-35661-08 Replacement electrode for TDSTestr 11 + WD-35624-45 Vinyl carrying case with belt loop; holds one tester and solution pouches Power and battery life: four 1.5 V alkaline batteries Eveready A76BP (included), 100 hrs continuous use (approx 600 tests per battery pack). Alternate replacement model Eveready 357BP silver oxide, 140 hrs continuous use. Dimensions Unit only: 61/2''Lx 1V2" dia (165 x 38 mm) Boxed: 71/4" x 23/4" x W (184 x 70 x 48 mm) Weight Unit only: 3.25 oz (90 g); Boxed: 6.0 oz (170 g) WD-09377-16 Replacement batteries, 1.5 V. Pack of 6 WD-35661-70 Deluxe calibration kit includes two each calibration pouches (447 pS, 1413 pS, 2764 pS, 15,000 pS, and rinse water), sample jar, and foam-lined hard plastic carrying case. (Tester not included) ...setting the standard again and again® 33

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