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Sanitary and Sterile Products Certified to Meet your Regulatory Compliance Needs

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Sanitary and Sterile Products Cole-Parmer is your leading source for sanitary instruments, equipment, and consumables Sanitary Pressure Instruments Whether you’re measuring high-viscosity media, hot water, or dairy products, Cole-Parmer offers sanitary pressure and vacuum instruments for almost any application. • Pressure gauges, in-line seals, transducers, and switches • Meet 3A, CIP, SIP, and Ra finish requirements • Vastly expanded product line Sanitary Flowmeters Cole-Parmer features turbine and magnetic flowmeters for sanitary process. Product options include remote-mount, heavy-duty,...

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Sanitary Tubing Cole-Parmer supplies sanitary tubing that meets all your critical environment requirements, and regulatory approval and documentation needs. • Meet such requirements as Particulate Class Approvals, Contamination Control, Irradiation Sterilized in Sterile Packaging, and Designed for Cleanability • Meet FDA 21 CFR, USP Class VI, and EP requirements • Certificates of Compliance and Calibration, Lot Traceability, and Validation Support Materials are available Sanitary Fittings, Gaskets, and Clamps Look to Cole-Parmer for components to keep your sanitary process within regulatory...

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International customers Call toll-free 800-363-5900 Phone: 514-355-6100 Fax: 514-355-7119 625 E. Bunker Court Vernon Hills, IL 60061 Call toll-free 800-323-4340 Phone: 847-549-7600 Fax: 847-247-2929 Free phone: 0500-345-300 Phone: 020-8574-7556 Fax: 020-8574-7543 Call 847-549-7600 to reach our International Sales Department or contact your local dealer. FREE TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS ASSISTANCE! Cole-Parmer offers sanitary and sterile products for laboratory research, process engineering, manufacturing, and production! Visit...

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