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pH/Ion – Introduction / Testers pH Measurement What is pH measurement? The most commonly measured chemical parameter in aqueous solutions, pH is a measure of a liquid’s acidity and alkalinity. It is a critical parameter in water and wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial applications, chemical production, agriculture research, and production. It is also critical in environmental monitoring, chemical and life sciences research, biochemical and pharmaceutical research, electronics production, and many more applications. Calibration Buffers. All pH measurement requires calibration solutions to ensure that the readings are traceable to a standard. Oakton calibration buffers do this—and more—since they are standardized against NIST-traceable references. Always choose a pH 7 buffer plus at least one other pH value close to your expected measurement range. Storage and cleaning solutions should also be used to ensure fast, reliable results from your electrodes. Meter Selection. Oakton offers a large selection of pH measurement instruments and kits. From pocket-sized pHTestrs®, to rugged handheld portable meters, to laboratory benchtop meters, Oakton has an instrument for practically any pH application. Expert Advice to Ensure the Best Results. Feel free to contact your Oakton distributor to help you choose your Oakton pH measurement products. Oakton distributors are dedicated to helping you purchase the Oakton instrument that will give you the best results. Electrodes. Proper pH electrode selection is important to maximize electrode life and ensure the best possible accuracy for your application. Oakton offers a complete selection guide with applications and specifications for pH range, temperature, and diameter for each electrode (see pages 23–29). Waterproof Testrs™ Selection Guide Use this chart to find the best Testr for your application Meter See page Parameters Electrode Resolution Accuracy Display Calibration Permanently fixed, single junction Replaceable double-junction module 0.1 ±0.1 One-line LCD 3 points; US buffers Up to 0.01 Up to ±0.01 Two-line LCD 3 points; US or NIST buffers Not included—use any electrode with BNC connector Up to 0.01 Up to ±0.01 Two-line LCD 3 points; US or NIST buffers Replaceable double-junction spear tip probe Up to 0.01 Up to ±0.01 Two-line LCD 3 points; US or NIST buffers Choose from replaceable module or BNC model 1 mV ±2 mV Two-line LCD ±150 mV offset ...setting the standard again and again® Combined replaceable pH and conductivity module Up to 0.01 pH Up to ±0.01 pH Two-line LCD Up to 5 points pH; up to 3 points EC/TDS

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This is what makes our pocket meters better Main – User-replaceable sensor – Valox® durable plastic casing – IP67 waterproof – Easy to use – Quick, stable, and accurate results –1 -year meter warranty; 6-month electrode warranty – asy to remove E (no wires attached) – Eyelet for lanyard attachment Battery Compartment – Waterproof by silicone O-ring – Uses common button cells Strong Plastic Housing – ncloses calibration buttons E (for EC/TDS models) – Chemical resistant – Physical durability Customized LCD – Large and easy to read ASIC Microprocessor – lear display with unit C of measurement...

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