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pH/Ion – Handheld Meters Handheld pH/Ion Meter Selection Guide Oakton® handheld meters offer a wide range of features ideal for portability in the field. These meters are generally available with either a separate pH electrode and temperature probe, or a combination “All-in-One” pH and temperature sensor. Designed for a variety of applications, many of these meters offer special features such as: – Auto shutoff, Hold function, and error messages – ptional AC adapter and built-in table stand for O benchtop use – uto-buffer recognition and A selectable buffer sets – ata management functions such as memory D and RS-232 output Standard series – alibration kits and multiparameter meters that C read pH and conductivity, TDS, or dissolved oxygen are also available Use this chart to find the best handheld pH or icon meter for your application Meter See pages Description Display IP67 rated housing Memory Communication Real-time clock pH calibration points Auto buffer recognition Selectable buffer sets Automatic endpoint Automatic shutoff Hold function Ready/stability indicator Error messages Protective rubber boot Built-in stand Optional AC power 5+/6+ series 11–12 Low cost, rugged compact Single-line LCD — — — — 3 Yes Yes — After 17 minutes Yes — Yes Included Yes (in boot) — Standard series Models 11/110 13–14 Economical, dual-display meter Dual LCD — Up to 100 points RS-232 available — 5 or 6 Yes Yes — After 20 minutes Yes Yes Yes — Yes Yes Waterproof 300 series Models 300/310 15 Handles rough environments Dual LCD Yes Up to 100 points — Available 5 or 6 Yes Yes Yes After 20 minutes Yes Yes Yes — — — ...setting the standard again and again® Waterproof 600 series Models 600/610/620 16–17 Most powerful, ideal for the field Multi-line dot matrix Yes Up to 500 points IrDA Available 5 or 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes, adjustable Yes Yes Yes Optional Yes (in boot) Yes

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