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Durable, Precise, Economical

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Cole-Parmer® Pipettors Cole-Parmer adjustable- and fixed-volume pipettors offer the same quality and functionality as expensive brands but at a great, low price! • Ergonomically designed, soft plunger movement reduces hand fatigue • Slim tip ejector allows easy access to narrow-necked tubes and containers • Individually precalibrated to meet DIN12650 standards, complete with calibration record • Easy to re-calibrate and disassemble for routine servicing—calibration tool included • Nozzle tip and lower section assembly are autoclavable for sanitary pipetting • Wide variety of disposable tips...

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Chempette positive Displacement Micropipettors • Ergonomically designed, allowing easy one-handed operation to reduce fatigue • Easy volume change from 1 to 100 pL with lockable, digital volume counter • Narrow nozzle design allows capillary to reach the bottom of most test tubes Chempette Macropipettors • Dispense without contamination—liquid only touches disposable tip • Sturdy design with PTFE piston secures sealing in polypropylene cylinder • Adjust volume in 0.1- or 0.5-mL increments by turning thumb knob to desired, lockable setting • Disposable tips are available Chempette Digital...

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In the U.S. 625 E. Bunker Court Vernon Hills, IL 60061 Call toll-free 800-323-4340 Phone: 847-549-7600 Fax: 847-247-2929 In Canada Call toll-free 800-363-5900 Phone: 514-355-6100 Fax: 514-355-7119 In India Phone: 91-22-6716-2222 Fax:91-22-6716-2211 In the United Kingdom Free phone: 0500-345-300 Phone: 020-8574-7556 Fax: 020-8574-7543 International customers Call 847-549-7600 to reach our International Sales Department or contact your local dealer. FREE TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS ASSISTANCE! Catalog number Tips Catalog...

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