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Lab-Frame Rods Everything you need to customize a lab-frame to your laboratory space. Quality construction throughout. Frame rods are available in many lengths and materials. Aluminum Center-less ground for precise fit. These hard aluminum rods provide a smooth fit with lab-frames. Corrosion resistant with chamfered ends for easy location. Fiberglass Strong and resilient, fiberglass rods will not corrode or rust. Structurally strong and resilient to clamp compression scars. Stainless Steel Heavy-duty, top-of-the-line rods provide maximum strength and durability. Constructed of 303 stainless steel. 08021-64 (shown in stainless steel) Lab-Frame Foot Stainless steel electro-polished finish or nickel-plated zinc construction. Strong, durable lab-frame foot is designed for mounting lab-frames permanently to bench tops, fume hoods, walls, and floors. Spilled fluids roll right off the smooth body contour, minimizing contamination and easing clean-ups. Features a set screw and includes three 0.75” (19mm) mounting screws. Material Min. to Max. Grip Size Dimensions (Dia. x H) Part Number Custom fit any laboratory with the right frame kit for your application. Frame sets come pre-packaged with rods, connectors, and lab-frame feet to accommodate all your clamp and apparatus needs. To customize sets, choose connectors & holders on pages 14-16 and rods listed above. Cole-Parmer • Toll-Free: 800-323-4340 • Fax: 847-247-2929 •

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Talboys offers the widest choice of standard frames available, plus the accessories to custom-fit any laboratory with the right frame for the job. Standard Lab-Frame sets are available in five sizes. Options of traditional center-less ground aluminum, non-corroding fiberglass, or tough stainless steel rods are available. Nickel-plated zinc connectors and lab-frame feet are standard with all kits. Small Lab-Frame Vertical mounting, great for glassware set-ups in small laboratories or where space is limited. Frame measures 24 x 24” (610 x 610mm). Base is 18” (457mm) wide for stability. Base...

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Large Lab-Frame This 48 x 48” (1219 x 1219mm) frame is ideal for complex glassware setups. Base is 18” (457mm) wide for stability. Large Lab-Frame Kit Components: Cole-Parmer • Toll-Free: 800-323-4340 • Fax: 847-247-2929 •

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Heavy-Duty Lab-Frame Floor mounted, free-standing unit is specifically designed for heavy-duty work such as pilot plant set-ups. Outside frame is constructed of a strong, but light weight steel channel. Interior lattice uses a horizontal channel connector; one end accommodates the rod, the other end fits into the channel and locks tightly with a bolt. Loosen the bolt, and the connector slides easily along the channel track for simple lattice adjustment. Entire apparatus is supported on sturdy, counter-weighted cast iron feet, which may be bolted to the floor for added stability required in...

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