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CLAMPS & SUPPORTS Flow Control Devices Talboys’ flow control devices offer selection and quality. They are finely machined to deliver accurate regulation or interruption of fluid flow. Every flow control device resists corrosion and rust. Hosecocks offer easy one-hand operation. Convex bearing surfaces and rounded edges protect tubing. Pinchcocks are designed to quickly start and stop flow and provide complete closure without damaging tubing. Operated with a simple squeeze. Nickel-plated construction (unless otherwise noted). Regular Hosecock Adjustment screw with oversized head for accurate regulation. Built-in side lugs for foot mounting. Tubing retainer screw. Stainless Steel Min. to Max. Grip 0 to 17mm (0 to 0.67”) Heavy-Duty Hosecock Large hand wheel for ease of flow adjustment. Unique design offers unparalleled control. Works well with heavy cut nylon braided tubing. Min. to Max. Grip 0 to 29mm (0 to 1.14”) Hosecock Extension Clamp Similar to regular hosecock but with 145mm ( 5.7”) bottom mounted extension rod for attachment to frames/rods. Arm Arm Overall Part Min. to Max. Grip Length Diameter Length Number 0 to 17mm (0 to 0.67”) 145mm (5.71”) 8mm (0.32”) 175mm (6.89”) 08028-04 Hosecock Foot Add this option to 916062 for bench or table mounting. Includes two mounting screws. Diameter 27mm (1.06”) Regular Pinchcock For routine stop/start flow operation. Min. to Max. Grip 0 to 12mm (0 to 0.47”) Variable Flow Pinchcock For precise flow adjustment and duplication of flow rates. Min. to Max. Grip 0 to 13mm (0 to 0.51”) Heavy-Duty Pinchcock Equipped with heavy-duty spring for tough jobs. Ensures complete closure. Min. to Max. Grip 0 to 11mm (0 to 0.43”)

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