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r/J Cole-Parmer Modular dry Block heaters uniform heat Distribution from sample to sample

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Cole-Parmer® Modular Dry Block Heaters Heat Your Samples Quickly and Uniformly Cole-Parmer dry block heaters provide safe dry heat for a wide variety of clinical and general chemistry applications. The modular design, requiring removable heating blocks, offers precise temperature control with uniform heat distribution, ensuring reproducibility of results and eliminating the possibility of costly heater burn-out. Purchase a complete system by selecting an analog or digital heater unit along with one or more interchangeable heating block modules to accommodate your particular variety of...

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Analog dry block heaters provide an economical alternative • Easy to use—simply insert sample tubes in block, read your thermometer, and adjust the knob controller to the desired temperature set point • Bimetallic, dual-thermostat technology ensures precise control over the two most common ranges: from slightly above ambient to 60°C, and from 50 to 130°C Digital block heaters offer precision control for reproducible results • Digital heaters feature a proportional-integrative-derivative (PID) microprocessor controller with digital temperature set points and an easy-to-read LED display,...

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-fJ Cole-Pa rmerscientific experts In the U.S. 625 E. Bunker Court Vernon Hills, IL 60061 Call toll-free 800-323-4340 Phone: 847-549-7600 Fax: 847-247-2929 In Canada Call toll-free 800-363-5900 Phone: 514-355-6100 Fax: 514-355-7119 In India Phone: 91-22-6716-2222 Fax: 91-22-6716-2211 In the United Kingdom Free phone: 0500-345-300 Phone: 020-8574-7556 Fax: 020-8574-7543 International customers Call 847-549-7600 to reach our International Sales Department or contact your local dealer. FREE TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS...

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