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Generating, Controlling and Measuring Light for Over 35 Years scientific research, photobiology, biomedical, solar cell testing, cosmetic testing, paints and coatings analysis Solar Power Meter TriSOL™ The New Standard for Continuous Wave Solar Simulators Unique Features ♦ Integrates with calibrated reference cell ♦ Display temperature readings in ºF or ºC ♦ Measure and display continuous or peak readings ♦ Connects to USB 2.0 port for data collection ♦ Displays reference cell characteristics, including cell type and size, window type, and temperature measurement device type ♦ Powered by standard wall current or convenient, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack ♦ Stores and displays average of recent peak measurements (user setable) ♦ Comes with 2 separate Thermal Measurement Connector types (k type thermocouples and rtd) - Designed for use with either type OAI’s TriSOL Solar Power Meter is an exceptional instrument for measuring the irradiance in “suns” for Continuous Wave Solar Simulators. This instrument has unique features not found in other Solar Meters. This versatile power meter can display reference cell characteristics, including cell type, window type, cell size, and temperature measurement device type - continuous reading or peak reading. The Solar Power Meter connects via USB 2.0 port on a PC for data collection, and includes desktop software. Based on over 35 years of proven light source technology, OAI’s TriSOL family of products deliver repeatable, reliable, cost effective solutions for a wide range of solar simulation and testing. Other TriSOL products include Solar Simulators, I-V Testers, Calibrated Reference Cells and test fixtures. All products are supported by OAI's global service and applica

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OAIS olar Power Meter SPECIFICATIONS Meter Dimensions Weight Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Irradiance Display Range Accuracy Resolution Settling Time Sampling Rate Auto Ranging Temperature Display Temperature Range Accuracy for TC Resolution Settling Time Sampling Rate AC/DC Adapter AC Power DC Power Input Compliance The OAI Solar Power Meter is a versatile tool for solar simulator calibration and solar cell I-V characterization. The system includes the OAI Solar Power Meter plus a Calibrated Solar Reference Cell. The solar reference cell equipped with a thermocouple is assembled...

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