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TriSOL Single Long Pulse Solar Simulator & I-V Test System

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Single Long Pulse Solar Simulator & I-V Test System Test System for High Efficiency Solar Cells FEATURES Accurate measurement of High Efficiency / High Capacitance Cells Perfect for R&D and production Improves cell binning accuracy Advanced Uniform Beam Optics Beam size from 156mm–300mm Meets JIS, IES, ASTM Standards for Class AAA performance Longest working distance Measures up to ±10A to ± 20A /200W In-situ normalized (corrected) I-V curve Continuous feedback compensates for long & short-term lamp instability Auto - adjusting reference ratio eliminates constant, manual lamp power adjustment Graphical / tabular QC monitoring Easily integrated with in-line sorter Better than 1,300,000 cell passes per lamp* Better than 99% uptime *Calculated at 1300 cell passes/hr (minimum 1000 hour lamp life) The OAI Test System for HIGH EFFICIENCY SOLAR CELLS overcomes the limitations of flash testing by providing a highly optimized pulse width and voltage sweep rate to match the cell’s dielectric response speed. As a result, the system produces extremely accurate measurements of solar cell efficiency leading to increased profitability. Advances in mono-crystalline Si, multi-crystalline Si, HIT, and backside-contact type based solar cell design and processing have led to an increase in cell capacitance and resistance by >2 orders of magnitude. This results in a decrease in the cell’s dielectric response speed. Most flash testers provide an extremely short pulse duration, in the range of 5–50ms, and require fast voltage sweep rates. Testing solar cells with flash testers produce I-V curve hysteresis when sweeping in both forward and reverse directions, resulting in inconsistent fill-factor (FF) values and lower cell efficiency measurements. Research shows that High Efficiency Cells require a pulse width in the range of ~75–200ms and a working range of <15V/sec voltage sweep rates. This presents a significant challenge for the flash test system to accurately determine the true performance of these advanced High Efficiency Solar Cells. OAI‘s new, Single Long Pulse Solar Simulator (SLPSS) and I-V Test System overcome the limitations of flash testers and provide exceptionally accurate measurements for various types of High Efficiency Solar Cells. An excellent choice for both R&D and production environments, the new SLPSS solves the unique measurement challenges of both High Efficiency and High Capacitance Solar Cells by providing an optimized long pulse width and voltage sweep rate combined with a unique algorithm to correctly measure the I-V curve and ascertain the true fill-factor (FF) and efficiency of

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Trisol™ Single Long Pulse Solar Simulator & I-V Test System Test system for high efficiency solar cells OAI’s SLPSS system utilizes a Single Long Pulse (SLP) Class AAA Solar Simulator that comes in a variety of models and aperture sizes (156mm x 156mm, 208mm x 208mm, and 300mm x 300mm). With Advanced Uniform Beam Optics, (which includes proprietary coated mirrors, filters, and a beam uniformity integrator), OAI’s solar simulator delivers highly accurate, collimated beams with the longest working distances. All of OAI’s solar simulators are certified to ASTM E927-05, IEC 60904-9 (2007), and...

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SLPSS System Characteristics Pulse width characteristics: The graph on the right compares the pulse width characteristics of OAI’s SLPSS system to a typical Flash system pulse width. The pulse width of OAI’s SLPSS system is adjustable from 5ms to >200ms and can be optimized for a given High Efficiency Solar Cell. The shutter speed can be adjusted from 50ms to 100ms so the total cell exposure and measurement time can be adjusted to below 350ms. Voltage Sweep Rate: During the I-V measurement of a High Efficiency Solar Cells, the voltage sweep rate along with pulse width and frequency at which...

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About OAI For over 40 years, OAI has been a leader in the generation, control, and measurement of light. Supplying advanced precision equipment for both R&D and production, OAI has gained a worldwide reputation in the Photovoltaic/Solar, MEMS, Semiconductor, Microfluidics, MicroTAS, and Flat Panel industries. The company offers a broad portfolio of field-proven products that include: solar simulators, I-V testers, solar power meters, calibrated reference cells, outdoor panel I-V tracer, UV exposure systems, UV light sources, mask aligners, nano imprint modules, UV Measurement Instruments...

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