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TriSOL Class AAA Solar Simulator

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Generating, Controlling and Measuring Light for Over 35 Years scientific research, photobiology, biomedical, solar cell testing, cosmetic testing, paints and coatings analysis Solar Simulator & I-V Test System TriSOL™ System TriSOL™ Product Line Solar Simulator and I-V Tester Solar Simulator ♦ Class AAA Certified ♦ Small footprint ♦ Continuous Wave & SLP ♦ Full beam coverage of cells measuring to 300mm ♦ Long working distances I-V Tester ♦ Configurable parameters ♦ Scripting capabilities OAI’s TriSOL Solar Simulator and I-V Test System combine a highly collimated light source with a powerful measurement tool. Depending on configuration, the solar simulator lamp power ranges from 300W-5,000W and can be supplied with a range of air mass filters to simulate the sun’s spectra. OAI’s proven lens and mirror technology allows for a wide range of exposure areas with Class AAA Certification. With the advanced mirror and filter technology, these solar simulators can accurately focus and reflect the desired energy and match spectral output to the user’s requirements. The systems are configured as continuous wave or Single Long Pulse (SLP). Filter sets are also available for special applications. The OAI TriSOL I-V Tester features an easy to use, self-calibrating design with configurable parameters and scripting capabilities. Test results port easily into a database. Also available from OAI are thermally controlled text fixtures. Based on over 35 years of proven light source technology, OAI’s TriSOL family of products deliver repeatable, reliable, cost effective solutions for a wide range of solar simulation and testing. Other TriSOL products include a calibrated reference cell, test fixtures and Solar Power Meter. All products are backed by OAI’s worldwide service and support network. ♦ Self-calibrating design ♦ Integrates to databases ♦ Thermal controlled test fixture 685 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134 USA Phone (408) 232-0600 • Toll free (800) 843-8259 Fax (408) 433-9904

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