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685 River Oaks Parkway San Jose, CA 95134 (408) 232-0600 (408) 433-9904 fax e-mail: © Copyright 2009 OAI Printed in the U.S.A. 04-12-09 All trademarks are acknowledged and the property of their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without notice. Flat Panel Display MEMS Semiconductors Automation Systems Nano Imprint Microfluidics and Micro TAS

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OAI is a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of advanced precision equipment for the MEMS, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Microfluidics, Micro TAS and Flat Panel industries. The company offers a broad portfolio of field-proven products that include: mask aligners, UV exposure systems, UV light sources, nano imprint modules, wafer bonders, UV ozone surface treatment systems, edge bead exposure systems, wafer sorters, clean room conveyors and numerous, custom-engineered solutions. These products deliver exceptional performance, high versatility with excellent reliability. Based on a proven...

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MEMS Precision Equipment for R&D or Production Model 200IR Mask Aligner System Front and Backside IR Mask Aligner System. Entry level price point Flexible design for easy change of wafer and mask holder Accommodates substrate up to 8” PLC controlled Filter holder and a wide range of filters available Wafer Bonder Activate, align and bond in one system Eliminates the need for separate aligner system Lower temperature bonding, high bond strength, and higher yields Anodic, silicon direct and thermal compression bond tooling available In-situ low-temperature bonding Model 30 Collimated UV...

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Microfluidics and Micro TAS UV Ozone Treatment System Improves surface adhesion. UV Ozone Treatment Systems available for R&D through production Super low pressure lamps for improved surface treatment Improves bonding for polymer and glass Improves yield Model 30 Collimated UV Lightsource Modular unit can be used as a stand alone or integrated into almost any mask aligner or exposure system. Available with near, mid and deep UV Power up to 10KW Pictured with optional stand Model 200 Mask Aligner System Manual, table top Contact Mask Aligner. Flexible - fast, easy change of substrate & mask...

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Semiconductors Precision Lithography Systems for R&D to Production Model 200 Mask Aligner System Manual, table top Contact Mask Aligner for Universities and R&D. Flexible - fast, easy change of substrate and mask holders Substrate sizes up to 8” Entry level price point Available with Near, Mid and Deep UV Special optics and holders for small pieces and substrates Available with optional back side IR alignment Optional Nano Imprint Module available Model 500 Mask Aligner System Semi-automatic Contact Mask Aligner for R&D as well as low volume production. Integrated frame and vibration...

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Flat Panel Display Model 600 Large Area Aligner System Contact / Proximity Aligner. Accommodates substrate sizes up to 20”x20” Flexible design allows small to large substrates to use the same tooling Model 5000E Mask Aligner System Fully automated mask aligner system with precision automatic large area alignment and advanced pattern recognition. True proximity, hard, soft & vacuum contact modes Stores process recipes For substrates measuring from 300mm to 20”x20” Computer controlled LED microscope lighting for difficult substrate viewing conditions Lightsource Grande Large Area, Collimated...

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