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One of the best handheld sterilizers in Europe. NON-CONTACT DISINFECTION OFFER MORE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES Tested in the Microbium microbiology laboratory Professional UV-C sterilizer for any surface & object Reliable, non-contact, tested, ultrafast disinfection without chemicals Easy to use SENSOR CONTROLLED UV-C OUTPUT

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Does wet disinfection with chemicals cause you problems? 1 causes damage on equipment unhealthy fumes from chemicals stressful repetitive cleaning and high recurring costs (every week / month) breathing problems, headaches, and irritated skin wet disinfection with chemicals it is not possible or it is very time consuming

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NUVTON® XT sterilizer A dry and non-contact solution. does not cause damage to the equipment there are no harmful fumes from chemicals much less stressful repetitive cleaning and no recurring costs no breathing problems, headaches due to use and no irritated skin a solution where wet disinfection with chemicals is not possible or is very time consuming What are the key benefits? Non-contact, non-chemical disinfection max 2.3 kg Portable, compact and light weight Convenient, easy to use & minimal maintenance and at no extra cost ONE-TIME INVESTMENT

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The NUVTON® XT sterilizer is very easy to use Use in 4 steps 1 Protect your eyes and skin Disinfect - by simply moving over the surfaces at a distance of 10 cm

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What can NUVTON® XT disinfect? ANY SURFACE: objects, consumer goods and personal belongings DO NOT USE ON: human beings, animals and plants WIDE AREAS OF USE From little shops, stores, houses and vehicles to big offices, facilities, hotels and restaurants. • RETAIL INDUSTRY • SERVICE AND WELL-BEING INDUSTRY • HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY • OFFICES • ALL VEHICLES • MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY • PRIVATE HOUSEHOLDS • LABORATORIES AND HEALT

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How does NUVTON® XT destroy viruses and bacteria? UV-C light destroys 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms NUVTON® XT UV-C light disinfects surfaces and objects by damaging virus’ / bacteria’s RNA resp. DNA and therefore effectively inactivates microorganisms with 99.99% efficiency. WHERE DOES UV-C LIGHT COME FROM? ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT (UV) IS A PART OF SUNLIGHT AND MAKES UP APPROXIMATELY 10% OF THE TOTAL LIGHT EMISSION GENERATED BY THE SUN. All UV-C light is absorbed by the ozone layer and does not reach the Earth. And it is precisely UV-C, which has the most energy, that can act as...

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Tested technology for controlled and safe disinfection UVGI SensotroniQ™ The NUVTON® XT sterilizer has an integrated sensor-controlled UV-C output G-TRONICS™ in-house, electronics upgrade TRUE UV-C™ BURNTEQ™ UV-C BQ UV-C tested, pre-conditioned, calibrated and certified lamp Innovative combination: • NUVTON® UVGI SensotroniQ™, • BURNTEQ™ UV-C, • G-TRONICS ™ and • SMART HANDLE enables all NUVTON® XT sterilizers to have TRUE controlled UV-C output sterilization dosage for appropriate disinfection results. SMART HANDLE red-green indicator, color communication, durable ergonomic handle WINGCUT™...

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Everything you need in one case Legend: 1. NUVTON® case 2. NUVTON® XT sterilizer 3. NUVTON® user manual 4. NUVTON® disinfection checklist 5. NUVTON® XT pad 6. NUVTON® cable 7. NUVTON® gloves 8. NUVTON® cloth 9. NUVTON® visor

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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MODELS • the UV-C irradiance power • different surfaces that can be irradiated with UV-C light at once PRODUCT TECHNICAL DATA NUVTON® XT 300 irradiated surface irradiated surface irradiated surface Approx. irradiated surface at 10 cm distance from the device Dimension Weight Input voltage UV-C output (253.7 nm) Power consumption Operational temperature Storage temperature Which size is right for you? NUVTON® XT 300 is most appropriate for smaller objects and harder to reach surfaces with many angles and edges. is most appropriate for small and big objects and medium...

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TESTING AND CERTIFICATES Microbium microbiology laboratory Ljubljana, Slovenia Result summary - 99,999% reduction of microorganisms As can be depicted from the results exposition of the stainless-steel carriers to the UVC light of the Nuvton® XT 600 apparatus on distance of 10 cm for 2 seconds, displayed a log reduction of 5,13. This experiment indicates a 99,999% reduction of microorganisms on distance of 10 cm for 2 seconds of exposure to UVC light. SIQ –Slovenian Institute for quality and metrology OXYTECH – Photometric Laboratory, Milan, Ita

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Examples of typical NUVTON® users STORE MANAGER “Easy to use. An ideal solution where disinfection with disinfectants and various chemicals is not possible or is very time consuming. ” AUTOMOTIVE SHOP MANAGER “We want to enable all our customers the best experience. With the NUVTON® sterilizer we can prepare the vehicle for the next customer in a minute. ” “Since I started using NUVTON® XT, I haven’t had any problems with breathing, headaches, and irritated skin due to disinfectants. “ “It´s in our everyday practice to thoroughly clean our restaurant. With the sterilizer, we have raised...

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© Copyright 2021 NUVTON® / Grah UVTECH, d.o.o. All rights reserved. Disinfection with the power of sun in your hands NUVTON XT® stay healthy 100% EUROPEAN PRODUCT Grah UVTECH, d.o.o Slovenia, EU For your local distributor contact us: +386 40 700 780

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