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Xpannd M7 - 2

Xpannd M7 Combination Platform for Labels and Packaging Xpannd Offset Unit ; each print unit : Flower flexographic : stamping cylinders The new Xpannd M7 presents a fully interchangeable platform with easy, fast and safe change of Offset and Flexographic heads, in a true Lean Manufacturing environment. The new Offset Cube unit performs easy access, reduced floor space and short web path. The new Mini-Cassette technology introduces a new standard for reduced costs and high printing quality in format change. • Short web path, open, robust and accessible platform • The famous "Flower™"...

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Xpannd M7 - 3

Offset Cube: Compact and “Low” UV on chilled drum on each Universal Platform “Low” Universal Platform for easy access Universal Platform: No Limits “Short” Universal Platform for reduced press length Organizer for Mini Cassettes Universal Cart for Process heads Digital Offset ink density and register control Organizer for Process Heads, including Offset Cube Remote servo ink keys control Universl Platform for Process Heads, including Offset Cube Chilled inking rollers for ink temperature control Flower flexo head on Organizer Removable Offset Cube on Universal Platform and Organizer Easy to...

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Xpannd M7 - 4

Mini-Cassette: a simple revolution Mini Cassettes vs Offset Printing Sleeves GIDUE manufactured in 2003. earlier than any other label press manufacturer, Leonardo Offset print unit using printing sleeves technology. After extensive testing the decision was taken to continue with the development of the Cassette system. Easy handling on the Organizer Cart Robust double steel frames Effective design for compact storage Advantages of Mini-Cassettes Vs Offset Sleeves Printing quality: Offset needs heavy duty pressures and especially on wine label papers and carton a lot of printing pressure is...

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Xpannd M7 - 5

Digital Offset: automated ink density and register control Xpannd M7 : Unique Features COMPACT: Xpannd M7 is remarkably short, only 10 meters long for an 8 colours offset, flexo combination press. It can fit also into reduced floor spaces. Digitally controlled print quality at low and high speed EASY (and safe): the new Mini-Cassette technology allows for a complete changeover of 4 Cassettes in 90 seconds. Each new Mini Cassette can be moved “with one finger”. FLEXIBLE: with the new Universal Platform different press configurations are possible during the same day. Print units (including...

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Xpannd M7 - 6

Snow Ball: waste matrix stripping Process Heads: a range of opportunities Hot-Stamping REAL (fixed) Automatic pressure, open front door access, lateral extraction, Organizer. Dedicated to Packaging Lottery Tickets, heavy duty Carton production. Embossing FlatBed In die-cutting unit, with dedicated cart for male-female cylinders presetting. Possibility of combined embossing hotstamping. Heavy duty pressure, high speed. Gravure Fixed Easy change of print cylinder and ink tray. Highspeed dryer. Movable on each Flower Head, independet storage on trolley. Embossing Rotary The revolutionary...

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Xpannd M7 - 7

GIDUE: “robust” innovation for Labels and Packaging Nuova GIDUE S.r.l. collects the printing and converting competences of high-technology manufacturing companies: Offset presses for paper and packaging (Nuova Castagnoli - Form Consulta S.r.l.). Flexographic presses for labels and packaging (GIDUE S.p.A.). 1981 1984 1986 1993 1995 1999 2000 2002 2003 2004 2004 2005 2005 2006 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 MiniPrint: Offset printing press for business forms, with variable format cassettes. CS 50 / FC 50: Offset unit produced for Harris Graphics USA VS 1050: Offset unit produced for...

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Xpannd M7 - 8

Nuova GIDUE S.r.l. Headquarters Via Cassia 67, 50029 Tavarnuzze (FI) - Italy Tel. +39 055 2374745 Fax +39 055 2020019 Turate Branch (Sales & Services) Via Matteotti 10, 22078 Turate (CO) - Italy Tel. +39 02 9668181 Fax +39 02 96681842 - e-mail:

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