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Master M5 630 - 2

Master M5 630 Digital Flexo for Unlimited Substrates Multiple PC Control Interfaces Short web path on 27” chilled drum High PowerIR Dryers on Super Double Drum New Cold Foil unit for wide web MIS/JDF work flow Heavy duty 1.500 mm. diam. rewinder Digital print pressure and register control Heavy duty converting section for labels and carton (optional) Heavy duty 1.500 mm. diam. unwinder The Original Flower (1999) for Print Sleeves Short web path on a 27” driven impression chilled drum “Digital” automatic pressure and register adjustments The new Master M5 introduce the Digital Flexo...

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Master M5 630 - 3

Digital Flexo: digitally operated technologies for automated printing and converting Print Register Print Pressure Die-Cutting Pressure Matrix stripping Print Tutor A GIDUE HD Digital Camera “reads” a dedicated mark printed by each unit. It recognizes register deviation and dot gain and informs the servo motors on the press. Print Tutor Plus 4 mini servo-motors receive data of actual print from the Print Tutor Camera, confronts with the PDF/TIFF file, and corrects the printing pressure and register according to the original file. Vario Gap 2 mini servo-motors adjust the cutting height of...

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Master M5 630 - 4

The Flower: a miracle of simplicity Front insertion of the print element in a “low” and confortable position Applications: “unlimited” Light and small elements for easy storage and handling Shrink Sleeves: relatively “easy” to print, they give a highly sophisticated 360° decorative effect on bottles. Labels: several printing and converting technologies make PS Labels the most “creative” packaging product. Change Print Sleeve Alufoil: high cost of alusubstrates take great advantage of “low” waste GIDUE automation technologies Change Print Cylinder No guides, no sliding elements: every...

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Master M5 630 - 5

Master SL 630: the Food Packaging Program Quick-lock chuck heavy duty roll lifters for unwinders and rewinder Master M5-SL Integrated PC control of servo operated coating motors and tension control technologies for fast recall of tension, lamination and coating parameters. Temperature controlled coating train for accurate adhesive viscosity control Easy-swing technology for front and immediate change of coating roller 3 independent servo motors provide different speeds to the coating rollers for accurate coating, fast set-up and immediate PC recipe storage and recall. “Easy-swing” change of...

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Master M5 630 - 6

Cold Foil: “easy” added value New Combo foil unwinder-rewinder sliding on front rail Wide-web double supported antiwrinkles web path Open frame and short web path for easy access and handling PC Storage of optimized “fine-tuned” pressures for next job recall Interchangeable die-cutting units on a platform for off-line set-up to reduce times and wastes (pressure-cutting with flexible dies) Heavy Duty manufacturing for up to 600 gsm high speed productivity High gloss “true” metallic effects for added value packaging Wide-web Cold Foil Combo Laminator slides on the front upperrail to perform...

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Master M5 630 - 7

GIDUE: “robust” innovation for Labels and Packaging Nuova GIDUE S.r.l. collects the printing and converting competences of high-technology manufacturing companies: Offset presses for paper and packaging (Nuova Castagnoli - Form Consulta S.r.l.). Flexographic presses for labels and packaging (GIDUE S.p.A.). 1981 1984 1986 1993 1995 1999 2000 2002 2003 2004 2004 2005 2005 2006 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 MiniPrint: Offset printing press for business forms, with variable format cassettes. CS 50 / FC 50: Offset unit produced for Harris Graphics USA VS 1050: Offset unit produced for...

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Master M5 630 - 8

Nuova GIDUE S.r.l. Headquarters Via Cassia 67, 50029 Tavarnuzze (FI) - Italy Tel. +39 055 2374745 Fax +39 055 2020019 Turate Branch (Sales & Services) Via Matteotti 10, 22078 Turate (CO) - Italy Tel. +39 02 9668181 Fax +39 02 96681842 - e-mail:

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