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Flexo Program - 2

Combat M1 Labels and Coupons Short web path Optional IR Dryers Servo driven diecutting and outfeed “open” frame for easy access Cold Foil Unwinder and Rewinder “high” accessibile infeed roller “low” accessibile splicing table QN 35 Coupon station Easy access to new “vertical “ open web slitting Excellent register stability without any register control. Short web path, open, robust and accessible double steel frame The famous “Flower™” flexographic print unit For the self-adhesive labels market the new Combat M1 displays an “open” structure to simplify the access to the famous Flower...

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Flexo Program - 3

Combat M3 Labels, Sleeves and Packaging : Automatic preregister easy access Cold Foil Unwinder - Rewinder on Front Rail The new Combat M3 installs independent servo drives for print cylinders, automatic register control, driven (or non driven) chilled rollers to produce labels, sleeves and packaging with excellent automatic register quality. Optional automatic pressure adjustment (Intelligent Pressure) guarantees reduced set up times and wastes on almost every label and packaging Short web path, open, robust and accessible double steel frame The famous "Flower™" flexographic print unit...

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Flexo Program - 4

Master M5 Digital Flexo for Unlimited Substrates : MIS/JDF workflow Digital print pressure The new Master M5 introduces the Digital Flexo technology: print pressure and register are controlled by digital "eyes and fingers" (HD Digital Cameras combined with 7 servo motors per print unit). Master M5 performs the shortest set up times and a digitally controlled quality on labels, aluminum foils, sleeves, carton, laminated tubes and the most difficult substrates. : High PowerlR Dryers : Quick-Cut Automatic : waste matrix stripping : New Cold Foil unit Short web path on a 27" driven impression...

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Flexo Program - 5

Quadra: Self-Adhesive Labels • Short web path, perfect register • The famous "Flower™" flexographic print unit • Compact configuration for reduced floor space The Quadra™ compact label press uses all the GIDUE technologies for reliability and top printing quality, providing the advantages of the "Flower™" flexographic printing technology in the most compact configuration. Quadra™ is produced in 4 or 6 colours, with 1 die- cutting station. Quadra™ produces at high speed the same quality for years, due to its "simple" effective design, with very limited More label productivity Available as a...

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Flexo Program - 6

Digital Flexo: fully automated pressure and register adjustment • Digitally controlled print quality The Digital Flexo technology is using an HD Camera for each print station to mesure the printed gain on specific marks. Up to 9 servo motors adjust automatically the lateral and length register, the position of the HD Camera on the web, and the print pressure settings. Digital Flexo makes perfect press set up in few meters, and keeps constant print and register GIDUE Flexo Program: Accessory Program Quadra Combat Ml Combat M3 Master M5 Digital Flexo NO NO SEMI FULL Master M5 630: Food...

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Flexo Program - 7

GIDUE: "robust" innovation for Labels and Packaging Nuova GIDUE S.r.l. collects the printing and converting competences of high-technology manufacturing companies: Offset presses for paper and packaging (Nuova Castagnoli - Form Consulta S.r.l.). Flexographic presses for labels and packaging (GIDUE S.p.A.). 1981 MiniPrint: Offset printing press for business forms, with variable format cassettes. 1984 CS 50/ FC 50: Offset unit produced for Harris Graphics USA 1986 VS 1050: Offset unit produced for Harris Graphics USA with plough folders, sheeters, fan folders, high pile deliveries. 1993 VS...

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Flexo Program - 8

Via Cassia 67,50029 Tavarnuzze (FI) - Italy Turate Branch (Sales & Services) Via Matteotti 10, 22078 Turate (CO) - Italy - e-mail:

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