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Floorcare Catalogue - 1

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Floorcare Catalogue - 2

Floors, Floors be The development of floors and flooring materials within the broad range of commercial developments has been very pronounced over the past decade. Not only have floors become more exotic in both design and material selection but, equally, we all expect to see the floor maintained to any exceptionally high standard, literally sparkling clean, in high profile locations; super clean in the workplace and public space... just as we would expect in our own living space. Single disc rotary floor machines constitute the very foundation of hard floor maintenance and by the correct...

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Floorcare Catalogue - 3

beautiful Floors... The Numatic LoLine, NuPower and NuSpeed machine ranges provide a selection of models and specifications to suit the majority of standard, and many specialized, applications ensuring highly efficient performance, excellent results and total operator satisfaction. The old adage is as meaningful today as it always has been:- “The Right Equipment for the Right Job will provide the Right Results...” Floor Machines Loline 332 Loline 415 NPR1515 NPR1523 NPR1530 NPR1545 NuSpeed NuSpeed Large NuSpeed Twin NuSpeed Spraytec NuSpeed Ultra Accessories Floor Accessories 15-17 NR1500...

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Floorcare Catalogue - 4

Slim Folded Profile The Loline range of low profile floorcare machines has been developed to meet both the growing demand and need for a choice of models that are smaller in size, lighter in weight, compact and convenient in storage whilst, at the same time, being quick and easy to use without loss of performance. The new Loline rotaries have been designed specifically to meet this demand and raise the handling and performance levels to an exceptional user friendly standard, be it for men or women operators. The smallest model in the Loline range can claim performance characteristics equal...

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Floorcare Catalogue - 5

Large Solution Tank With the increasing demand and need for higher standards of cleanliness, the Lolines will put truly usable power in the hands of the operator, yet with a level of convenience that cannot fail to impress and, subsequently, to improve both efficiency and the final results. The Loline 415 model embodies all of the many unique features of the 332 but is suitable for a range of larger 40cm (16”) brushes and 36cm (14”) floor pads. With this machine running at an operating speed of 150rpm it is a genuine taskmaster, satisfying a whole host of floor maintenance needs, be it...

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Floorcare Catalogue - 6

NuPower NPR1515 With its enhanced power and performance the NPR-1515 provides a genuine “workhorse” that will take almost anything in its stride. The full 1500 Watt motor unit packs almost 50% more power than normally required and this power is transmitted to the floor through our long established 150rpm, oil filled, low load, planetary gearbox. Simple to Use Operator Handle The big advantage of excess power is to provide scope for many additional tasks where the excess power is both advantageous and needed. Crystallization, floor sanding, scarifying, adding 10 kg or 20 kg of extra weight,...

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Floorcare Catalogue - 7

NuPower NPR1523 The universal NPR-1523 is truly two machines in one, providing the optimum balance between the two primary functions of scrubbing and polishing floors. With its oil filled planetary gearbox providing a working speed of 230 rpm, this is 50% more speed than the NPR-1515. You scrub faster, and when it comes to polishing, the speed is a vital ingredient to improved results. Simple to Use Operator Handle With the 1500 Watt power specification “drop on” weights can be added at any time, scrubbing even better and polishing like a dream. As with all NuPower models the NPR-1523...

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Floorcare Catalogue - 8

NuPower NPR1530 Where polishing is the single purpose of a floor machine then the NPR-1530 is an ideal selection. We have shown in our main illustrations the machine fitted with our full power Dustrol vacuum system which acts to vacuum simultaneously with the polishing Simple to Use Operator Handle function, ensuring the highest of dust-free standards. Unlike the NPR-1523 this is a polishing machine only and is not suitable for wet scrubbing operations. With the added 1500 Watt specification the NPR-1530 can be used for spray cleaning and its ATC, Automatic Torque Control, provides superb...

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Floorcare Catalogue - 9

NuPower NPR1545 To run consistently at Xtra high speeds needs the full NPR-1545 specification and the results truly show what it’s made of. Here you have a burnisher with a full 1500 Watt power unit... an oil filled 450 rpm planetary gearbox... ATC Automatic Torque Control that monitors operation and boosts torque as required; Simple to Use Operator Handle ensuring constant operational performance. ATC is particularly useful when spray cleaning at these higher speeds. There is a selection of brushes and pad drives, allowing a complete selection of polishing heads to achieve the desired...

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Floorcare Catalogue - 10

Simple to Use Operator Handle NuSpeed is a new generation of floor maintenance machines which is only made possible by a new drive system, introducing a dramatic 50% increase in power output. The unique NuSpeed design concept means that for a machine of such compact proportions, an increase to 40kg in the operating weight can be achieved within the standard specification, with an optional additional 10kg if required... it has the power and weight that do the work and produce the results. In addition to the power and performance, many extra operating features have been added, making this...

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Floorcare Catalogue - 11

When it comes to large areas of floor maintenance or restoration there is no substitute for both size and weight. The NRL uses a range of 550mm brushes or 500mm floor pads and is supplied as standard in a 40kg specification, fitted with the Automatic Torque Control System designed to give constant performance under even the most arduous conditions. In the standard 150rpm specification the NRL is a genuine ‘workhorse’ which, by virtue of its size, weight and drive system, will exhibit excellent handling characteristics in the majority of applications. The Nuspeed series is now equipped as...

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