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AirGate-3G - 1

AirGate-3G Connectivity any place, any time. We Measure, We Control, We Record

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AirGate-3G - 2

3G Cellular router The AirGate-3G is a 3G cellular router for Internet of Things (IoT) applications that provides remote access to local networks. The AirGate-3G can act as the master of a Modbus network, it can store data locally in up to 128 remote channels (registers) and can provide precise localization via GPS. This data can be sent to NOVUS Cloud, allowing it to be accessed at any time, from any place. Access Point

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AirGate-3G - 3

NOVUS Cloud gives you freedom of connectivity. Provides GPS location in real time for tracking applications. Ability to store data locally in case of communication failures. Dual SIM Card for redundant cellular connection without interruption. Supports 2G/3G. Operates in conjunction with NOVUS Cloud data platform, a platform that is secure, saleable and completely customizable. Simple and Functional in the way that you need.

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AirGate-3G - 4

Main Features • Dual SIM Card for redundant cellular connection without interruption. Supports 2G/3G Modbus Gateway: permits the routing of packets for Modbus RTU/ASCII and Modbus TCP Networks. Creation of up to 128 alarms via SMS and e-mail Integrated real time clock Digital inputs and Outputs (I/O), with signal counter Provides remote connection for automation devices (PLCs, IHMs, etc) enabling monitoring and configuration of these devices, including the upload and download of programming software. Network Protocols: PPP, PPPoE, TCP, UDP, DHCP, ICMP, NAT, DMZ, RIP v1/v2, OSPF, DDNS, VRRP,...

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AirGate-3G - 5

NOVUS Cloud is a platform focused on solution for the Internet of Things that widens the horizons of data presentation. When applied in conjunction with NOVUS products it can be used to receive, store, analyze and present to the internet measurements of temperature, humidity, pressure, location or any other variable of interest. The ability to access physical measurement data via the Internet is especially beneficial for organizations in the areas of manufacturing, logistics, health, building management, power, water treatment and agriculture. The platform is secure, scalable and features a...

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AirGate-3G - 6

Automation solutions in over 60 countries. NOVUS has a complete line of products and services suitable for automation. Furthermore NOVUS has an excellent team of professionals with a broad range of experience in projects and are happy to assist in choosing the best alternatives and products. Precision in Measurement. Excellence in Control. Reliability in Recording. Process Controllers Electronic Thermostats Pressure Transmitters Conditioners & Isolators Temperature Transmitter Humidity Transmitter Calibrators Data Loggers Data Acquisition Software & RTU Record & Supervision Timers &...

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