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Screw Jacks RNF-Series

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Screw Jack RNF-Sereis * Introduction Features: * Model: RNF016, 018, 020, 030, 040, 055, 060, 070, 080, 100, 120 * Load Capacities From 2.5KN to 500KN As Standard * Self Locking Trapezoidal Screw, Max Stroke 6000 mm * Upright and Inverted mounting * Top End: Top Plate,Clevis End,Threaded End,Plain End and Forked Head * Lifting, Lowering, Pushing, Pulling and Rolling Linear Motions * Single Unit, In Pairs or Multi-Units Arrangement Available * Electric Driven,Manual Operated or Both Are Available * Anti-backlash Nut Device Available * Special Custom Design Available * Accessories: Protective Tube, Rubber Bellows, Electric Motor, Hand Wheel, Inverter, Limited Switches, Linking Shaft, Coupling, Pillow Block Bearing, Counter, Bevel Gearbox, Swivel Plate and Trunnion Base Materials: * Lifting Screw: steel C45 (optional: stainless steel) * Worm Gear: bronze * Worm Shaft: heated treated steel C45 (optional: stainless steel) * Bearing: taper roll bearing * Housing: casting iron (optional: aluminum for small model) * Oil Sealing (optional: high/low temperature oil sealing) 0

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * Technical Datasheet 1

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * Technical Datasheet 2

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * Technical Datasheet 3

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * Technical Datasheet 4

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * Selection Guide 1. Model Selection 2. Installation Selection 5

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3. Input Forms Selection 4. Screw Top End Types Selection 5. Gear Ratio Selection Manual Operated N: Fast speed: 1 full turn 1 mm travel L: Low speed: 1 full turn 0.25 mm travel Electric Driven (input 1500 rpm) N: Fast speed: 1500 mm/min L: Low speed: 375 mm/min 6

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6. Travel Stroke (mm) 7. Duty&Environment Selection Duty Cycles _________ times per day or _________ times per month Ambient Temperature __________ ℃ Conditions __________ (Clean / Dirty, Indoor / Outdoor) 8. Accessories Selection N=Standard jack, no additional options P=Protective tube R=Rubber bellows Y=Hand wheel 9. Design application sketch, very important 10. Special working conditions, please consult sales / engineers 7

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Screw Jack RNF-Series * Screw Jack System Screw Jack Bevel Gearbox Motor+ Worm Reducer Gear Motor Vertical Motor Foot Mount Motor 8

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Screw Jack RNF-Series * Screw Jack System 9

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * Screw Top End Types Dimensions 10

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF016 Dimension 11

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF018 Dimension 12

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF020 Dimension 13

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF030 Dimension 14

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF040 Dimension 15

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF055 Dimension 16

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF060 Dimension 17

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF070 Dimension 18

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF080 Dimension 19

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF100 Dimension 20

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Screw Jack RNF -Sereis * RNF120 Dimension 21

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