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Ball screw jack RNG

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Heavy duty mechanical screw jack    RNF-RNG Series

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[ri. ftiaftftsifr*f««! ” ^b°b±^H rt * +    fPHi PSffiKH&3KffiffiJfe iUft* J»«*lftl$S|3iW/*§: fr*n, IH&tfrWttflifliU^. #r&i&isJiXmm£i+«, /SS&ifeifeSI*! ^^W^mttXfM!)f|i^P|rL«^itilfpWiA nj, &#lM BMJ«. Established in 2003,NOSEN is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power transmission equipment in China,based in Houjie town,Dongguan city,Guangdong province,China. Our company R&D,Production and Sales mechanical actuators, such as:trapezoidal screw jack,ball screw jack,right angle spiral bevel gearbox and screw jacks lift tables. “Innovative design” , “strict quality control” and “Creating...

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NOSEN Screw Jack RNF-RNGlIJIifl'pfS^S! Uf-RNG Scries Screw Jack Introduct

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RNF-RNGtIMKMS KNF-RNG Scries Screw Jack Introduct jc 9> i$i M if J? 4a Calculating Formula of Model selecting: (oasit*: v=RPMrx p V: ^1^3E^(mm/min) RPM: Afj$fiKr/min) P: ^S§(mm) I: Miltfc

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RNF-RNG Screw Jack Introductions NOSEN RNF-series is an Europe-type screw jack developed by NOSEN company, with mini and solid cubic exterior, its mounting size is in common use with screw jack in European market, which is interchangeable. Specific features as following: * Models 11 models of RNF-series: RNF016, RNF018, RNF02(h RNF030> RNF040, RNF055^ RNF06CK RNF070> RNF080n RNF100 and RNF120. 7 models of RNG-series: RNG016> RNG018> RNG020> RNG030> RNG04CK RNG055 and RNG060. * Speed of Travel There are two kinds of speed ratio corresponding to two kinds of transmission...

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Selection Guide flanged(direct drive) double input enlarge flange

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R N GM    RNG Scries Dimensions IB , L, 1 ALffi® Elevation View Side View

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Screw Jack Lifting Systems Maii® “I” Two Jacks “I” Type Mnil “T” Two Jacks “T” Type Four Jacks “H” Type rns&m “T” Four Jacks “T” Type “U” Four Jacks “U” Type Two Jacks Arrangement-95%, Three Jacks Arrangement-90%, Four Jacks Arrangement-85%, Six Or E

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AG&& “ 2 H ” Eight Jacks “2H” Type Two Jacks Arrangement-95%, Three Jacks Arrangement-90%, Four Jacks Arrangement-85%, Six Or Eight Jacks Arrangement-80%.

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a M l\ P$ $ A /j $£ lit “ S S 1500rpm/min$f £1 T (^ 1500r pm/m i n) is $f , It A A til £§ 11 1800rpm/mi n , ® PJ£-fl$ ti #1 & ft ffi vg » A ‘SB # W * % > M-ffiPHSttfS**. 10, ® g si« ® * * m tf u t , «ff£teflmg + *ggSJfl!lffilt*. to£Xfl5*f»&£, ^Ktoa/aFIM&RfSk, 12, £jR)t ftftfttogPffHt. 55#ai»©^rffi? * Jx 6tl 1 3 %, (tttotTS^5OOmm,$;il*i:,Mj0ftjJ¥M5OO*O. 13 = 65mm)#T £1 a ^ w bj    ft ® & & t & a m & m s w « ^ s «. ^jft»®ia:^*a*ji?nsi#iH*r, ag*j®£SsffiWfffi. miu: RNFoi8jH^m, ftmioo&%., ®m, £^®j?io«t|k W^J$= 100*0. 1 3 = 1 3mm. 0T    SttSJlOO*#, &iftg«J100 + 13 + 10 = 123«*^T;g

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Q: What is the difference between a trapezoidal screw jack and a ball screw jack? A: The trapezoidal screw jack uses an acme threaded screw that is typically self-locking, meaning it will hold its position without a brake. Ball screw jacks use ball screws to convert rotary motion to linear movement, and require 1/3 the horsepower compared to a trapezoidal screw jacks. Due to the efficiency of the ball screw,brakes must be used to stop and hold the load screw in position. Brakes are also recommended for use on any jacks if vibration is present. QWhatisk^edscrewjadk? A: Some loads don't...

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NOSEN Screw JackNOSEN Other Products nEchanical scrw jack FN series hif£i precisicn fast qpeed saw jsek RM sales

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Http://www. nosen. cn Http://www. DONGGUAN NOSEN M&E TECHNOLOGY CO. ,LTD rma-. Guangdong ADD:Xinhaoyuan Industrial Park,Xitou Village, Houjie Town.Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China TEL:86-769-85938358 85644651 FAX: 86-769-85644652    13580910288

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