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Lubricants Adhesives Grease nipples

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97000 Lubricants Adhesives Grease nipples CNJ

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norelem technoshop norelem technoshop 97990 Page 1726 Lubricants Adhesives Grease nipples LOCTITE threadlocker 97990 Page 1727 LOCTITE universal adhesive 97900 Page 1714 Klüber “Quietsch-Ex” Ballistol all-purpose oil in food industry quality LOCTITE thread sealant Klüber lubricating paste Grease nipples conical head DIN 71412 LOCTITE flange sealant Klüber copper paste lead-free Grease nipple caps for conical grease nipples LOCTITE adhesive and sealant Klüber safety lubricating grease Grease nipples flush type, DIN 3405 LOCTITE retaining compound Klüber molybdenum disulphide lubricant Grease...

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Sample order: nlm 97900-250 Safety: Safety information is available on our internet site. Description: “Quietsch-Ex” (no squeak) the universal lubricant for industry, home, garden, automobile, motorbike, hobby and sport. Application: Approved for lubricating bearings, slides, chains, locks and hinges. Cleaning and lubricating oil for the motorbike and to protect machines, equipment, tools and vehicles, etc., from corrosion, e.g. in winter. It is particularly good for machines and equipment, which are often used outdoors in all weathers. Rusty screws, hinges and bolts that are rusted solid...

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Kluber copper paste lead-free Description: The copper paste “Wolfracoat C” is a metallic paste for temperatures up to 1200 °C. Application: A proven assembly, cutting, lubricating and fastener paste for plain bearings and slide points, chains, roller bearings, in foundries for cores and ejectors, in die-casting machines, exhaust systems of internal combustion engines and furnaces. Advantages: The synthetic base oil evaporates at over 200 °C. A dry, metallic lubricant film gradually forms. Good lubrication of friction points with slide and rolling friction, good separation and lubrication...

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Description: The molybdenum disulphide lubricant UNIMOLY GL 82 is a lubricating grease with MoS2 for improved fail-safe performance. Application: Proven use with roller and plain bearings, slide rails and guides, cams and cam plates, bolts, joints, hinges, cardan shafts, gear racks, screw spindles in all machine and plant construction. A proven lubricant for wheel bearings and a multi-purpose lubricant for king pins, track and rod joints, cardan shafts and spline shafts. Advantages: Contains molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) for improved wear protection by boundary lubrication, waterproof and...

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Kluber bonded coating UNIMOLY C 220 Description: Bonded coatings consist of a solid lubricant, bonding agent and solvent. After it has been applied and dried, the bonded coating forms a thin lubricating layer that reduces friction and wear. It is dry, adheres firmly to the surface and cannot drip. Application: For dry lubricating under high loads, oscillating movements or to counter stick-slip. For lifetime lubrication of screw spindles, hinge pins, cylinder pins and during assembly. Improves wear on gearwheels and sprockets, reduces friction on cap screws. Advantages: Dry lubricants cannot...

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Sample order: nlm 97930-100200 Note: Ballistol all-purpose oil is approved in the foodstuff industry for product contact surfaces. All Ballistol components are biodegradable and harmless to the environment. It is skin-friendly and completely harmless if accidentally swallowed. As spray without CFC. Safety: Safety information is available on our internet site. Description: Ballistol as a high-quality special oil combines anti-rust, lubricating oil, maintenance and cleaning agent with high creep-ability and disinfection power all in one. Application: The all-purpose oil is used versatilely in...

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Material: Steel or stainless steel 1.4305 Version: Steel hardened, min. 550 HV 1, galvanised. Stainless steel bright. Sample order: nlm 97940-1106100 Note: The conical head grease nipples have a tapered thread. They are suitable for grease points which must be lubricated often and reliably. Their versatility makes them the most widespread type of grease nipple. Steel    Stainless steel Steel    Stainless steel

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Grease nipplesconical head DIN 71412 Form C, 90°, hexagonal Steel    Stainless steel

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Grease nipple caps for conical grease nipples • * Material: Polyethylene (PE-LLD). Version: red, green, yellow or black. Sample order: nlm 97941-911 Note: Suitable for all DIN 71412 conical head grease nipples. They keep dirt out of the head of the nipple. The different colours are for e.g. identifying the lubrication intervals. Application temperature: -70°C to +85°C. Form A: without tab Form B: with tab

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Grease nipplesflush type, DIN 3405 Material: Steel or stainless steel 1.4305 Version: Steel galvanized. Stainless steel bright. Sample order: nlm 97942-1106100 Note: Flush type grease nipples are particularly suitable for flush or recessed installation. By using flush type nipples, the required lubrication can also be carried out on points with poor accessibility. Drawing reference: Form A: straight Form B: 45° Form C: 90°

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Grease nipples button head DIN 3404 Material: Steel or stainless steel 1.4305 Version: Steel galvanized. Stainless steel bright. Sample order: nlm 97944-11006100 Note: As the construction of button head grease nipples allow for a high lubrication flow rate, they are especially useful for lubrication points which require a large grease volume. Because of the robust design, button head grease nipples are preferred for machines that are subjected to high external stress.

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