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DESIGN EASILY WITH CAD DATA We have compiled the CAD data of all our components on this DVD for you. This enables you easy access to all files, allowing you to concentrate on your design solution.

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MY CUSTOMER NUMBER Enter your customer number here to have it always at hand. You receive it with your first order. CONTENT New Products    p. 12 - 13 Main Product Groups at a Glance    p. 14 - 15 Visual Directory of all Components    p. 18 FRANCE norelem SAS 5, rue des Libellules 10280 Fontaine-les-Gres Tel. +33 3257189 30 SWITZERLAND norelem Normelemente AG Chli Ebnet 1 6403 Kussnacht am Rigi Tel. +41 4183387 00 With the publication of this catalogue, all previous publications become invalid. Dimensions and other data...

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green light for whatever you have in mind. Our goal at norelem is to optimally support you in implementing your ideas. We are always working to expand our selection of high quality components, providing even faster and more flexible delivery. That is why you will find all the standard parts for your ideas in our catalogue.    _

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you have the ideas, we make it happen.

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norelem positions. norelem ribles. norelem moves. Flexible Standard Part System. Aluminium profiles, connectors, covers and special components. Systems and Components for Transmitting Power in Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction. norelem measures. < norelem transports. norelem *chno snop. Accessories: from Adhesives to Cylinder Cleaners. Devices, Fixtures and Stan- Conveyor, Movement Tech-dard Elements for Measuring nology and Kinetics: wheels, and Testing.    rollers and ball rollers.

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You can save your shopping cart locally, load and add to an existing cart, as well as import into your current ERP system or export a list from there and load into the shopping cart. These formats provide an easy overview: ■ CSV .Excel (xls) .Excel (xlsx) .IDS 1.3    . openTRANS 1.0    . openTRANS 2.0    . openTRANS 2.1 if you need speedy our online shop. We stand for reliable delivery. You decide how fast you need a part. Find out more about our different delivery options under

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WITHOUT CLICKING YOUR WAY THROUGH – SPEED ORDERING Do you already know what you need? Then simply enter the order number and quantity into our speed order form. You do not have to put every part into the shopping cart separately.

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WWW You can access all CAD data in our online shop. APP You can also access the CAD Data using our norelem CAD app available for free download in Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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CAD data: everything is just one click away. WE SEE EVERYTHING WE DO WITH THE EYES OF A DESIGN ENGINEER Saving you time and money during design: You can find the DVD with all the CAD data at the very front of the catalogue. The library contains all relevant technical and geometric data of the components. Additionally, the CAD files are available in different formats so that they can be integrated into your system.

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your ideal solution. DRIVE COMPONENTS FOR POWER TRANSMISSION AND POSITIONING Robust, reliable and high-performance: discover our extensive drive technology range. The over 3,000 items in this product group provide reliable and low-maintenance power transmission. Our tailored range of toothed belts is just one great option for a host of kinetics processes. Special polyurethane elastomer toothed belts offer 30 % more power than conventional T and AT belts. All drive technology products can be found on page 1083 ff.

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PREMIUM ROLLER CHAINS AND SPROCKET WHEELS We have added an extensive standard range of premium roller chains and sprockets to our drive portfolio for positive and slip-free power transmission. These can be used not just as drive and gear chains in machines and industrial plants, but also as lantern wheel, conveyor and hoist chains. The chains are designed for power transmission in electric drive and drives with combustion engines. Our standardised roller chains also guarantee the best possible power transmission in constant, variable and sporadic operation.

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01000 Basic elements Plates Washers Profiles Tombstones Cube tombstones Connecting elements Ball-end thrust screws and baseplates Ring bolts Self-aligning pads Feet Step blocks Support elements Spring plungers Indexing plungers Stops 05000 Toggle clamps Pneumatic clamps Clamp straps Clamping devices Grub screws and thrust pads Torque bolts and threaded inserts Hoist rings/lifting bolts 06000 Latches Accessories for clamps Operating parts Centering and positioning elements Fasteners Slot keys 09000 Drilling jigs Drill bushes ALUMINIUM PROFILES from page 867. 10000 Aluminium profiles Connectors...

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20000 Linear modules Lift units Rotary modules Grip modules Inductive proximity switches Connector 23000 Cardan joints Couplings    Quick plug Rigid couplings    couplings Keyless locking couplings Bearings 27000 Knuckle joints/ angle joints Rod ends Axial joints Height adjustment elements Hinged feet/levelling feet Screw plugs Equipment feet Hinges 21000 Dovetail slides Guide rails Positioning tables Miniature slide guides Position indicators 24000 Trapezoidal thread    Ball screws spindles    Pivot pin units 26000 Rubber and metal    Shock absorbers buffers    Gas springs 28000 Oil level...

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norelem positions Flexible standard component system 01270 Page 87 Tombstones double-sided grey cast iron V-block machined all sides extra wide, grey cast iron Circular plates steel Basic elements Subplates Discs Profiles Angle plates Tombstones U-profiles machined all sides grey cast iron or aluminium Base plate with T-slots grey cast iron Block machined all sides grey cast iron or aluminium Circular plates grey cast iron or aluminium Square hollow profiles grey cast iron Base plates steel Base plate with flanges grey cast iron L-profiles grey cast iron or aluminium Rectangular hollow profiles...

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