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Image index    P. 14 - 16 Image index    P. 14 - 16 Aluminium profiles    P. 17 - 30 Connecting technology    P. 31 -    38 Base elements    P. 93 - 102 SWITZERLAND norelem Normelemente AG Chli Ebnet 1 6403 Kussnacht am Rigi Tel. +41 41 83387 00 With the publication of this catalogue, all previous publications become invalid. Dimensions and other data correspond to the current level of technology. We reserve the right to make technical changes. We accept no liability for any printing errors. Any reprinting or reproduction - in whole or in part - is permitted...

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green light for all your projects. You get a green light for all your other ideas with our full range of high quality standard parts from our complete catalogue THE BIG GREEN BOOK. Order your complimentary copy from

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GIVE YOUR IDEAS THE PROPER FRAME All aluminium profiles and accessories are perfectly matched to each other so that they can be combined to become the optimal solution for your individual task. The aluminium profiles are of excellent quality, natural tone anodized making them permanently scratch resistant and corrosion proof. Form tolerances comply with DIN EN 12020 part 2.

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the building block principle: diversity with system.

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Type I TWO FORMS, ONE ADVANTAGE: PERFECT Our aluminium profiles are available in two different systems: Type I and Type B. This makes them fully compatible to all popular profiles on the market. We supply the grid sizes 30, 40 and 45 with the slot sizes 6, 8 and 10 mm. Altogether we offer 19 different profile cross sections from 30 x 30 to 90 x 90. We can cut the profiles for you to any desired length (max. 6000 mm).

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Type B versatile, compatible with other profiles.

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Application example: The standard connecting set Type I is designed for producing a right angled connection between two aluminium profiles.

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LARGE RANGE, LOW COST We offer a wide range of fasteners and accessories to match our aluminium profiles: connectors, joints, cover elements, slide rails, hinges, door handles, levelling feet and castors. With these all of your constructions can be optimally implemented. Use standard tools to quickly and easily assemble and dismantle the accessories. Due to the high quality materials we use, the elements withstand high loads, have a long life expectancy and can be reused without problem. The connection is secured against rotation. On larger profiles, several connecting sets can mounted on...

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All CAD data can also be found in our homepage: We can send you a free of charge DVD with all norelem CAD data. You can also access the CAD data using our norelem CAD app, this is available for free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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CAD data: everything at a click. ONLINE SHOPS AND DOWNLOADS AT WWW.NORELEM.COM Save time and effort by designing with CAD data. Our CAD library contains all relevant technical and geometrical data and components. The CAD data is also available in various formats so that they can easily be integrated into your system.

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norelem assembles 10048 Page 24 Aluminium profiles Aluminium profiles 40x80 Type I 10025 Page 19 Aluminium profiles 30x30 light Type I Aluminium profiles 30x60 light Type I Aluminium profiles 80x80 Type I Aluminium profiles 40x40 light Type B Aluminium profiles 40x80 light Type B Aluminium profiles 40x40 light Type I Aluminium profiles 40x80 light Type I Aluminium profiles 90x90 light Type B Aluminium profiles 45x45 Type B Aluminium profiles 45x60 Type B Connecting sets standard Type I 10202 Page 41 Slot nuts twist-in, keyed Type I Connecting sets universal Type I 10204 Page 42 Slot nuts...

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norelem assembles 10212 Page 46 Connecting sets automatic Type B Angle sets Type B Cover profile Type I Pull handles tubular Pin connector sets Type B Angle elements T1 Type I Slide rail Type I Pull handles angled Cube connector sets Type B Angle elements T2 Type I Foot plates Type B and Type I Central screw Type B Clamping angle Type I Butt connector set automatic Type I Joint angle Type I Pull handles Barrel slide bolts Joints Type B und Type I Pull handles arch Double ball catch Pull handles oval Hinges plastic, lift-off, left Fastening sets for straps und angles End caps Type B and Type...

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norelem assembles 27853 Page 84 Base elements Hinges plastic, with locking lever 27856 Page 85 Hinges plastic, lift-off, with guide tabs Swivel feet plates plastic Hinges plastic, detent Swivel feet plates die-cast zinc or stainless steel Hinges plastic, with adjustable friction Swivel feet plates extended die-cast zinc Hinges die-cast zinc, with elongated holes Swivel feet plates stainless steel Hinges die-cast zinc, with locking lever Swivel feet threaded spindles steel or stainless steel Hinges aluminium, lift-off, left Levelling feet for aluminium profiles Hinges aluminium, lift-off,...

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Aluminium profiles

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Technical information for aluminium profiles Type I and Type B Tolerances: Form deviations such as straightness and flatness tolerance acc. to DIN EN 12020 Part 2. Surface: The aluminium profiles are natural colour anodized making them permanently scratch-resistant and corrosion proof. The all-round anodize film makes saw cuts particularly low burr. Anodizing: E6EV1 Film thickness: 10 μm Mechanical values: (apply only in thrust axis) Tensile strength Rm: min. 245 N/mm² Yield point Rp 0.2: min. 195 N/mm² A5: 10% rupture stress A10: 8% rupture stress Density: 2.7 kg/dm³ Linear expansion...

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Material: Aluminium EN AW-6063 T66 (AlMgSi 0.5 F25) Version: Artificially aged, natural colour anodized. Sample order: nlm 10025-063030X* * Include length only in full mm increments. Maximum available length 6000 mm. Note: Lightweight aluminium profile for weight-optimised constructions. Order No.    Slot width    Profile    Ix    Iy    Wx    Wy    Profile area F1 max.    Approx. Version: Artificially aged, natural colour anodized. Sample order: nlm 10025-063060X* * Include length only in full mm increments. Maximum available length 6000 mm. Note: Lightweight aluminium profile for...

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