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1.5-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines Compact & Efficient High Output of Large and Small PET Bottles

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1.5-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines The 1.5-Step Molding Process Traditionally, PET bottles are made by either the 1-step or 2-step molding processes. In the 1-step process, containers are molded directly from PET resin in a single injection stretch blow molding machine, whereas in the 2-step process, raw material is first injection molded into preforms which are then stored or transported before being re-heated and blown into the finished container by a separate stretch blow molding machine. Depending on the container type and local market conditions, each process has its own...

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PF36 Series – High Output 1.5-Step PET Bottle Molding Higher Quality Production & Vastly Reduced Space. ASB’s innovative PF36 Series, is an incredibly compact molding solution that provided high output of PET bottles. In this system, PET resin is molded first into preforms, then directly into bottles all within one machine ensuring the highest possible container quality and visual appeal that easily surpasses 2-step molding methods yet does so within just 25-30% of the factory space required by a competitive 2-step system. The PF36/12-5000 uses a 12-4 mold configuration for bottles up to...

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1.5-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines Detailed Process 6. Pitch Change & Stretch Blow As the preforms move into the blow station, pitch is increased and stretch blow molding takes place using servo driven blow clamping and stretch rods. Preforms are picked up, inverted and transferred to the blow transfer system. In the case of inserted handles, the handles are transferred together with the preforms. 4. Continuous Temperature Optimization Preform movement is changed from batch to continuous and they are heated in a continuous movement using tuned quartz halogen heating lamps to...

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♦ 500ml Water This light weight, single serving water bottle minimizes the consumption of raw materials and allows high productivity ideal for direct supply to a filling line. ♦ 1-Liter Edible Oil This oval shaped edible oil bottle features a parting line on the front face that allows it to be molded in eight cavities at the blowing station. ♦ 2-Liter Chemical This handy sized 2-liter bottle for industrial and automotive chemicals uses moving blow cavity elements to form a deep pinch grip handle for easy use. No further processing is necessary. ♦ 5-Liter Edible Oil Despite the 170mm...

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Molding Capacity & Specifications Machine Specification Standard Inj. Unit/Screw Diameter Option Screw Diameter Theoretical Injection Capacity*1 Injection Clamping Force Blow Clamping Force Driving Power - Rated*4 Heater Power - Rated*2*3 Oil Tank Capacity Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) Machine Mass - Approx. Products Specification Preform Blow Max. Capacity Lip Cavity Taper Max. Thread Diameter Max. Neck Diameter Max. Support Ring Diameter Max. Body Diameter*5 Max. Cavity Width*5 Max. Cavity Depth*5 Max. Height Max. Weight*1 type single (double) single (double) single (double) single...

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PF36/36-600 PF36/24-1500 PF36/18-2000 PF36/12-5000 Major Options ◆ Handle Insertion By opting for the “H” variant of the PF36/12-5000 and with the addition of an automated handle inserter system, the production of up to 3 liter bottles with a PP or HDPE handle becomes possible. The bottle leaves the machine with the handle already fixed in place, so no further processing is required - an innovation first introduced to the market by ASB. 4,308 Handle unscrambler and insertion system added to the PF36/12-5000. (reference only) ◆ Neck Orientation In normal molding, after preforms are transferred...

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Foundation Drawing ■ PF36/36-600 ■ PF36/24-1500 ■ PF36/18-2000 ■ PF36/12-5000 Operation air inlet Rc 1 ˝ Blow air inlet Rc 1 1⁄4 ˝ Mold chilled water inlet /outlet Rc 2 ˝ Mold temperature controller Mold chilled water inlet /outlet Rc 1 ˝ Elect. power supply Tower water inlet /outlet (heat exchanger) Rc 1 1⁄4 ˝ 75~95 Level adjuster (option) 4586-3 Koo, Komoro-Shi, Nagano-Ken 384-8585, JAPAN TE L : +81 (0)267 23 1565 FAX: +81 (0)267 23 1564 E-Mail : sales @ n Mexico, Central and Latin America Head Office and Factory India Factory and Sales Europe, Central Asia and North Africa...

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