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ASB & The PET Container Industry – Growing Together for Over 40 Years 1978 Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. established Throughout its history, ASB has continued as a leading pioneer in the stretch blow molding industry, continually expanding to match the needs of the market. No other manufacturer can boast a pedigree as long as ASB’s filled with such a diverse range of “firsts” in the industry supported by innovative designs and patents. Continuous development of molding machines around new processes and materials is just a normal day at ASB. 1995 1.5-step ISBM machine (PF Series) introduced...

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Global Manufacturing & Technical Centers As demand within the PET stretch blow molding industry has grown over the years, ASB has maintained and developed its manufacturing capacity, while carefully investing in high level overseas production capabilities to ensure competitive pricing matched with global quality. In line with this growth, logistical infrastructure has been improved and regional technical support has been enhanced to ensure our customers’ needs are fully satisfied. Sakaki, Japan Ueda R&D Unit, Japan ASB International Phase I, Mumbai, India ASB International Phase II, Mumbai...

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Production Flow The factory should be designed so that material & product handling is reduced as much as possible. Raw material enters on the left and product is dispatched on the right. ^Warehouse & Dispatch Finished goods need protection against sunlight in a well ventilated storage area. Empty bottles are bulky so sufficient warehouse space is a major consideration in factory planning. Anatomy of a Molding Factory Molding PET containers efficiently requires the right molding machines, a wide range of specialized equipment, trained staff and good factory layout. Our highly experienced...

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Success is Built on Great Teamwork Purchasing the optimum molding machine is just the first crucial step towards high efficiency container production. By providing the correct factory infrastructure and selecting correctly specified ancillary equipment to support your machines, efficiency will be maximized while manufacturing costs are minimized. ■ Team Effort Just like a top racing driver, success can only come with the support of a great team. While the ASB machine may be a very talented “star” in the PET molding factory, optimum efficiency relies on a having a great team to back it. Our...

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Essential Equipment Essential Ancillary Equipment No molding machine can operate without a range of ancillary equipment to provide pre-dried resin, air, water and other vital utilities. ASB can supply all your needs directly, or we can advise on correct specification and recommend supply from our range of preferred global partners. ■ Resin Dryer Without doubt, the most important piece of support equipment for the molding machine is a properly specified resin dryer. PET and many other moldable materials are hygroscopic and will suffer irreversible damage if molded without proper pre-drying....

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Useful Equipment Useful Additional Equipment Apart from the essential equipment that you can purchase from ASB, to make your factory operate at maximum efficiency and quality you may also choose to install a range of useful equipment that you can purchase either from ASB, or locally from specialized suppliers. ■ Resin Silo & Handling Equipment ■ Overhead Crane & Lifting Equipment As your factory grows, you may find it beneficial to invest in improved handling systems for your raw materials. Doing so can reduce delivery costs, will prevent contamination, reduce wastage and reduce handling...

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pecialized & Diverse Materials The 1-step process with preform conditioning extends the range of what is possible from standard grades. Simply reprocessed PCR may have reduced physical properties and contamination making it suitable for non-food products only. Fully reprocessed RPET is physically & chemically identical to virgin PET so may be used for all products. Specialized & Diverse Materials with ASB Series Our ASB Series 1-step molding machines are renowned for their ability to mold a wide range of unusual container designs and resins other than PET. While PET is a very good resin for...

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Tritan (Co-Polyester) With extreme toughness and high temperature resistance, Tritan is ideal where rugged,re-usable or returnable food & drink containers are required. Good flexibility and excellent heat resistance are important for a wide range of medical and infusion bottles. GPPS High clarity and stiffness combine with easy processing for many food based applications. LDPE Where small squeezable bottles are required, LDPE molded by our IBM systems is ideal. PES/PPSU Proven to be safe for medical applications, it is ideally suited for baby feeding bottles. HIPS High Impact Polystyrene...

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The original 1-step process developed by Nissei ASB. 3: Stretch Blow Molding Station By utilizing the residual heat from the preform injection molding process, energy consumption of the 1-step process is dramatically lower than that required for 2-step molding. After injection molding, preforms are transported throughout the rest of the process by the lip cavity (neck split). Necks and body parts never contact another preform with the result that visual quality of the finished containers are completely free from the scuff marks or blemishes that are a common feature of 2-step molding. And,...

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5 : Preform Temperature Stabilization & Special Processing 4 : Re-heat Station 3: Preform Temperature Stabilization & Pitch Adjustment Unique concept by Nissei ASB, specialist of the 1-step system. 6 : Stretch Blow Molding In designing the PF Series concept our engineers carefully looked at the advantages of the 1-step and 2-step manufacturing processes, broke them into individual elements, then re-combined them into the most efficient method yet devised for manufacture of PET containers. In the “PF Series” machines, the preform is injection molded, partially cooled, temperature equalized,...

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