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One-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines Common Platform for Production of Very Large to Very Small Containers

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1-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines High Output Container Molding Three models to suit every molding application The ASB-150 Series models are large sized, four-station, one-step injection stretch-blow molding machines offering high outputs of a range of containers from very large to very small through three variants, the “DP” “DPW” and “DPX” models. , All versions utilize ASB’s unique four station molding process of; 1) preform injection molding, 2) preform conditioning, 3) stretch blow molding, 4) product eject. Special advantage is gained from the inclusion of the second...

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ASB-150DP - Extreme Capacity Single Row Molding ♦ Machine Concept • Capable of molding the largest jars on the market in high volumes. • High output productivity combined with extreme versatility for all sizes and shapes of containers. • Molds PET plus, when a suitable mold is fitted a wide range of alternative resins can be molded. • Adjustable height injection unit enables optimized hot runner design with minimum nozzle lengths. • Umbilical connected operation panel allows operators maximum visibility of machine functions during manual operation - an important aid for personnel and...

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1-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines ♦ Machine Concept • Double row molding in the same space as the ASB-150DP. • Increased output for medium-sized bottles and jars, especially suitable for high output of containers in the 350ml to 1.5 liter range. • With ASB's advanced 4-station molding, a full range of extreme oval shapes as well as alternative resins such as PP can easily be molded. • With high quality molds from ASB, the cavitation of oval containers can often be increased by arranging the parting line invisibly on the front face of the container. • Typical output from 3,000...

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ASB-150DP ASB-150DPW ASB-150DPXASB-150DPX - High Output Triple Row Molding ♦ Machine Concept • World's first triple row one-step injection stretch blow molding machine. • Dedicated to very high-volume production of small containers. • Clamping stroke is reduced to suit shorter containers resulting in reduced overall cycle time. • Hydraulic systems are optimized for high speed, smooth movements as a further aid to minimizing dry cycle time. • Blow air system specially adapted to molding multiple cavities of small containers with minimum consumption. • Typical output from 11,000 up to 24,000...

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Machine Specification Unit ASB-150DP A SB-150 DP W Standard Inj. Unit/Screw Diameter type/mm IU-111 / 84 Option Screw Diameter mm 75/95 Theoretical Injection Capacity cm3 1,330*1 Injection Clamping Force kN 1,472 Blow Clamping Force kN 653 Driving Power - Rated kW 82.5*4 (87.5)*5 87.5*5 Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 7,773 x2,890x4,390 7,773 x2,810x4,390 Machine Mass - Approx. kg 26,000 27,000 Notes *1: Using the standard injection screw & PET resin. *2: Subject to container specification, number of cavities and mold. *3: Actual heating power consumption is typically 30~40% of rated power....

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ASB-150DP ASB-150DPW ASB-150DPX Common Series Features & Options ◆ Tie-bar-less Blow Mold Structure All models utilize a tie-bar-less blow mold clamping system that significantly reduced mold changeover times. Blow cavities are removed and refitted as one complete set so multi-cavity molds take no longer to exchange than simple molds. ◆ Blow Air Recovery System After bottles are blown, instead of exhausting the used air to atmosphere, this option can re-direct it into the machine’s operating air system. Depending on the container specification, anywhere from 15% to approximately 70% of...

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Foundation Drawing Tower water inlet/outlet Rc 1˝ Mold chilled water inlet/outlet 2 x Rc 2 ˝ Blow air inlet Rc 11 ⁄2˝ Operation air inlet Rc 11 ⁄4˝ Tower water inlet/outlet (heat exchanger) Rc 11 ⁄4˝ Transformer UL : 34.6kVA CE : 35kVA (200V spec unnecessary) Elect. power supply *Image shown may include options. Mexico, Central and Latin America Head Office and Factory India Factory and Sales Europe, Central Asia and North Africa NEW DELHI Branch Office 309-311, Ansal Chambers-II, 6, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi 110 066, INDIA TEL : +91 (0)11 2618 1615 / 2619 4031 FAX : +91 (0)11 2619 4129...

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