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GENERAL INFORMATION COMPANY PROFILE WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY FIBER CABLE TRAY Established in 2006, Vichnet is a leading manufacturer of cable support system products. Today we’re working forward an expert in intelligent safety and protection, committed to addressing the growing industrial safety needs in the field of IT infrastructure, smart manufacturing, smart logistics etc. Production Competitive -Designed and tested to International standards. -State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and continuous process optimization for first-class products. -Standard stock sizes for immediate delivery. -Customized product solution. Reliable and Professional -Dedicated to offering a quick, safe and economical product solution. -Professional team to rapidly response to your specific requirement. -Product solution in many sectors serving the valued customers all over the world. Innovative and Green In 2018, Vichnet developed an innovative nickel plating technology, named Nanotechnology of Metal Alloy Coatings (NMAC). Applying this new technology, we launched a new product line - Nickel Color for cable tray category in 2019. This nickel plating with eco-friendly process could not only eliminate zinc whisker failures in data centers, but also have great corrosion resistance. It is able to serve the engineering projects better than traditional finishes. We believe that innovation drives development and green manufacturing contributes to sustainable development of the society. Work with Vichnet to build a safer and greener tomorrow.

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Manufacturing Base Cold Draw Bench Spring Coiling Machine Intermediate Frequency Welder Punch Press Nickel Plating Production Line 007

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GENERAL INFORMATION WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY FIBER CABLE TRAY Product Certificates Management System Certificates · ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate · ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate · ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

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MATERIAL & FINISH Table 1 Recommended Operating Environment Environment Material Medium Corrosivity (Class 1) High Corrosivity (Class 2) ISO Class 8 ISO14644-1 Classification of Air Cleanliness Nickel Plated Powder Coated Remark (1) √Recommended, - Available, ×Not Recommended. (2) Zinc whiskers produced by electro galvanizing can cause short circuit in the equipment, so electro galvanizing should not be used in data centers. (3) In the environment of data centers, powder coating could be applied on stainless steel or after nickel plating or hot dip galvanizing, which should neither be...

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pre-galvanized steel is produced by unwinding steel coil and passing it continuously through a bath of molten zinc and then past air jets to remove excess zinc from the surface. The process is closely controlled to produce a thin, even and ripple free zinc coating with very few imperfections. Because this pre-galvanized steel coil must then be cut to shape during subsequent manufacture of support equipment, the edges of the finished components will have no zinc coating. This aspect,...

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Stainless Steel --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stainless steel contains a high proportion of chromium (usually at least 11%) and the steel's remarkable immunity to corrosive attack is conferred by the chromium-rich oxide film which occurs naturally on its surface. For most practical purposes stainless steel can be regarded as maintenance free and suffering no corrosion. The regular grades of stainless steel to be used for cable trays are SS304, SS316, SS316L. Users could choose what they need according to the...

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GENERAL INFORMATION Table 2 Corrosivity Categories Category Low Corrosivity Medium Corrosivity High Corrosivity (Class 1) (Class 0) (Class 2) Operating conditions The chemicals can be smelled sometimes. Due to the wind direction, the chemicals can be smelled sometimes. The irritation of chemicals can often be felt, but normal process operation could be performed without wearing a protective device. Strong irritation to eyes or external respiratory tract, sometimes it is necessary to perform normal process operation wearing a protective device. The corrosivity is very low. Buildings, and...

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PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION Cable Tray Specification in Common Use Width △means the specification in common use. Safe Working Load Data SWL Data(kg/m) Wire Diameter 5.0mm Span Remark: The actual maximum load data is twice or three times of SWL

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GENERAL INFORMATION WIRE MESH CABLE TRAY FIBER CABLE TRAY ● Atmospheric Corrosion Atmospheric corrosion occurs when metal is exposed to airborne liquids, solids or gases. Some causes of atmospheric corrosion are moisture, salt, dirt and sulfuric acid. This form of corrosion is typically worse outdoors, especially near marine environments. ● Chemical Corrosion Chemical corrosion takes place when metal comes in direct contact with a corrosive solution. Some factors which affect the severity of chemical corrosion include: chemical concentration level, duration of contact, frequency of washing,...

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Attention Cable Tray Installers - Cable tray system design shall comply with corresponding national standards. It is recommended that the installation work shall be performed by qualified personnel, preferably a certified electrical contractor, familiar with standard electrical construction practices, electrical equipment, and safety of electrical wiring systems. ● Support Span The strength of a cable tray system is largely determined by the strength of its side rails. The strength of a cable tray side rail is proportionate to the distance between the supports on...

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Cable Tray can be adapted (cut to spec in field situations). These field modifications should be made by qualified personnel only. (preferably a certified electrical contractor) ● Future Expansion Requirements One of the many features of cable tray is the ease of adding cables to an existing system. Future expansion should always be considered when selecting a cable tray, and allowance should be made for additional fill area and load capacity. A minimum of 50% expansion allowance is recommended. FIBER CABLE TRAY ● Barrier Requirements Barrier strips are used to separate cable systems. The...

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