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SLIM CHUCK The Slim Chuck incorporates NIKKEN’s exclusive TiN (Titanium Nitrided) Bearing Nut technology. This allows for improved tightening and accuracy thus delivering better all-round performance. FEATURES Slim and compact body and nut 8° Collet with square shoulder location Superior gripping torque Simple, compact and versatile Max run-out At nose At end Standard 1μ 5μ P 1μ 3μ A 1μ 3μ Collet type Shank - BT/MBT/NBT/HSK/IT/NIT/POLYGON TiN Bearing Nut Run-out Vs. Wear (+30% Life) 1. Simple & compact design for high speed rotation To consider the effect that physical run-out contributes to decreases in tool life and increased wear, our Zero-Fit Slim Chuck was adopted to actually apply and exaggerate the run-out whilst profile cutting Ti 6Al-4V. 2. TiN Bearing Nut 3. 8° taper collet for accuracy & gripping torque 4. Special coating for high efficiency Cutting Time (mins)

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