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X-Treme Milling Chuck 5 Balancable Shrink & X-Treme Shrink 6 Mini-Mini Advanced a Chuck 7 ZMAC Advanced Boring 10 eMAC Digital Boring 11 SK Sleeve (Slim Chuck) 13 & MMC Sleeve (Mini Mini Chuck) Vacuum Extractor 13 CNC Rotary Tables NIKKEN I/O NCT200 Ultra Big Bore CNCZ205 5AXDD100AF 5AX-DD130 BF2-S 5AX-DD80HB Tool Presetters Elbo Controlli - NIKKEN E346i E460N Hathor Six 66B / 68B E46L / E46LTW Angle Heads Alberti Angle Heads

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NIKKEN Kosakusho Europe are leading suppliers of NIKKEN’s market leading solutions include: elite precision engineering products. ■ Performance CNC Rotary Tables With research and development located at the NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe (NICe), and operations at ■ High Accuracy NC Tooling Solutions the Euro Centre, NIKKEN operates in high stature ■ too| Presetters manufacturing environments covering aerospace, medical, oil and gas, motor sport, power engineering as ■ Spindle Optimisation Solutions well as the mould and die sectors. NIKKEN’s extensive product range, combined...

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X-Treme ‘Full-Slotting’ (Ti 6AI-4B): NIKKEN NBT50-C25EX-115 ■ 50mm deep slot (2 x Diameter) ■ 25mm Rippa geometry tooling ■ 35 m/min ■ 0.07 mm/tooth (6 teeth) ■ 187 mm/min ■ 234cm3 min MRR

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X-Treme Milling Chuck The X-Treme Milling Chuck was developed to meet an Aerospace requirement for reliable heavy milling of titanium aero components. This process demanded a combination of high repeatable accuracy, excellent run-out characteristics, combined with complete elimination and prevention of absolutely any movement or ‘pulling-out’ of the end mill. The NIKKEN X-Treme Milling Chuck uses the multi-roller system which contains 140% more needle rollers than any comparable chuck. Also, to allow for a more consistent and permanent gripping force when clamped the rollers are arranged...

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Balanceable Shrink & X-Treme Shrink The NIKKEN Balanceable Shrink and Shrink X-Treme Holders have been developed to meet a requirement for high-speed semi-finish and finishing applications where maximum metal removal rates and absolute cutter security are essential. The design provides built-in balance adjustment post shrinking. This means that the entire tool assembly can be fine balanced to suit any spindle or application requirements. The location of the adjustment holes negates the effects of centrifugal forces during high speed rotation. NEW Shrink-Fit EX Profile Milling Process (Ti...

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Mini-Mini Advanced α Chuck The NIKKEN Mini-Mini Chuck is simply the most effective product for reduced diameter machining or components and applications where confined access or tight spaces can prove problematic. Designed as a mechanical alternative to both hydraulic and shrink-fit products it features an 8 degree collet and rear clamping of the collet. This allows the chuck to be not only extremely compact but also provide gripping capabilities and performance characteristics surpassing those of the competitors. The collet features no external nut and is drawn from either the side of the...

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Reamers NIKKEN EVO & Spectrum Reamers NIKKEN have two new exciting ranges of reamers for 2017, the EVO range is aimed at difficult to cut heat resistant materials while the new Spectrum range is focussed on non-ferrous applications. HASTELLOY ■■ Cutting Speed: 18m/min ■■ Feed 0.2mm/rev ■■ Hole: 10mm h7 ■■ Surface Roughness: Ra 0.3 INCONEL 718 ■■ Cutting Speed: 5m/min ■■ Feed: 0.2mm/rev ■■ Hole: 10mm h7 ■■ Surface Roughness: Rz 6.3 μm EVO Series Reamers deliver fantastic performance on heat and corrosionresistant nickel and titanium alloys. These materials are difficult to cut because of...

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Zero Fit Holder When a machine tool has been in operation for 2~3 years, the run-out accuracy of the spindle may decline to 0.010mm~0.040mm at 100mm from the gauge line. The NIKKEN Zero Fit Holder allows correction of this error back to the “as-new” run-out of 0.001~0.002mm. Typical runout can be in the region of 21 microns - when this is reduced to 3 microns, the tool life can be improved by approximately 5 times. The choice of the Slim Chuck style “SZF” and the Anniversary type Milling Chuck style “CZF” can be selected depending on your application and cutter specifications. ZERO FIT LIFE...

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INNOVATION 2017 - 10

Irrespective of specific boring requirements - NIKKEN can provide the optimum solution. Our updated ZMAC Advanced Boring Heads feature a double-contact shoulder support and provide excellent reliability and performance for deep hole boring and high-speed boring operations. High Rigidity ■ Innovative new feature of double-contact support ■ Re-engineered for improved adjustment and accuracy ■ New locking screw closer to the cutting edge ■ Axially adjustable ZMACX-V for deep hole boring 012.7mm -055mm High Precision ■ The thread on the cartridge is hardened to HRC50-55 and precision ground ■...

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INNOVATION 2017 - 11

eMAC Digital Boring The NIKKEN eMAC Digital Boring System is a fine boring head with a digital display indicating the radial slide traverse. The target diameter can be adjusted easily, quickly and precisely. Capacity: eMAC - Ø6-110mm eMACXL – Up to Ø200mm Features: ■■ Digital Display Available for any machine spindle by using a NIKKEN Q26 modular base holder Highest precision through direct measuring of the movement Q26 On/Reset Button (mm/inch) Single button operation for ‘On’ & ‘Reset’, and to change between mm/inch with a display resolution Ø2μm Adjust Screw The display switches off...

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INNOVATION 2017 - 13

New NC Tool Solutions SK Coolant Collet Our new SK Coolant Collet is a quick and easy way to provide total mechanical sealing for any cutting tool with an oil hole. Fully compatable for both existing Slim Chucks and all NIKKEN Major Dream Holders the collet is suitable for the use with high pressure coolant systems up to 70 bar. Available and in stock for all sizes of chuck to suit cutting tools Ø4mm - Ø25mm. 3 Angle Clamper The NIKKEN 3 Angle Clamper provides interchangeable adaptor sleeves to allow for differing flange diameters. The system is based on applying cylindrical grip around the...

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