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Machine Enhancements & Spindle Optimisation

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On Machine Enhancements Work Holding Our range of modular work holding integrates seamlessly with our multi axis platform approach as our zero point location and modular base rail technology are available with the NIKKEN standard table interfaces, this allows rapid change over of component fixtures and work holding set ups. Standard clamping modules, centring vices and chucks are all interchangeable with machine bed and additional axes, in addition a wide range of standard and bespoke trunnion set ups are available as options. Productivity Options Feature a complete range of Tool...

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Spindle optimisation Rotary Tables Section Machine Enhancements, NIKKEN Rotary Tables Spindle Optimisation NC Tooling System Spindle Optimisation Angle Heads and Turboflex Productivity Options Tool Pre Setters NIKKEN are able to provide a wide range of on Machine enhancements to create a flexible multi-axis machine platform essential for todays highly competitive market. Our range of 4th and 5th axis tables open up the possibilities of part manufacture in a single cycle, improving process flow and productivity! NIKKENs extensive product range combined with technical expertise, training and...

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On Machine Enhancements Rotary Tables NIKKEN Kosakusho Works Limited, in Japan annually produces some 3500 rotary tables, it employs a global workforce in excess of 550 and has earned, and maintains, a reputation for producing quality products and demonstrating total commitment to its clients. Our unique table construction delivers unrivalled performance and reliability, our products are fully supported by our team of factory trained service team and our advanced manufacturing specialists. Our Tables are the perfect fit for the Doosan range of machines and offer the opportunity to combine...

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Rotary Tables Unique Table Construction Casting NIKKEN Rotary Tables utilize fine grain high-density Grey Cast Iron castings, these castings are stabilized prior to finishing operations and offer long term stability, low distortion, high strength and rigidity. Industry 4.0 NIKKEN are leading the way by utilising the latest, cloud-based technology to access big data during the lifetime of our products. Providing you with full Industry 4.0 compliance. Being able to sense and predict failure is a major aspiration for optimizing machine uptime, with this goal in mind NIKKEN have created our new...

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On Machine Enhancements Rotary Tables NIKKEN NC Tables offer unrivalled quality and performance, they optimize production and can be configured for all types of Machining centres, Vertical, Horizontal, twin pallet. NIKKEN can offer a wide range of 4th and 5th Axis Tables that can be easily configured with a variety of work holding solutions such as Trunnion fixtures, built in rotary joints for facilitating hydraulic clamping, chucking and vice systems, the range consists of gear driven and direct drive units and can be controlled by the machine tool direct or via our own Alpha21 control...

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Rotary Tables Standard Rotary Tables NIKKEN offer a comprehensive range of tables for Vertical machines, Face plate diameters range from 105mm to 1600mm and Motor positions can left hand, right hand or back mounted to ensure units are able to be mounted in the most efficient position. Options Include: • Built in Rotary Joints • Direct encoders • Zero Point Quick change solutions • Machine Vices • Trunnion systems • Modular Work Holding and clamping • Manual and Power Chuck systems • Manual, Pneumatic and Hydraulic • Tailstocks • TAT end Support Units Servo Specification NIKKEN Tables are...

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On Machine Enhancements 5 Axis Solutions NIKKEN are at the forefront in the field of 5 axis tables, we feature a comprehensive range to suit Doosan machining centres, they offer the opportunity to maximise productivity by combining multiple operations, and they are ideally suited for complex multi-faceted parts or components with compound detail to be machined.

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A comprehensive range of modular vices and chucking systems are available to compliment NIKKEN 5 Axis solutions. 5 Axis Solutions are an ideal addition to any Doosan machining centre, they are ideally suited to difficult to hold complex parts and by reducing set ups they optimise quality and productivity, in many instances a part can be manufactured and inspected in a single operation. “Sputnik” multi part clamping system Compact 5 Axis units can be mounted along the Y Axis of a vertical Machine to facilitate part manufacture in a single set up. Tables can be mounted along the X axis of the...

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Spindle Optimisation Advanced Tooling System For many years NIKKEN have been at the forefront in the field of precision spindle tooling, we can offer a full range of systems to meet all the essential requirements when Milling, Drilling, Reaming, Boring and Threading. Our standard tapers offer a better than AT3 interface to the machine spindle and this optimises performance whilst helping to protect the machine spindle from the effects of vibration and cutting forces, this can be further enhanced with our NBT connection that offers simultaneous taper and face contact with the spindle for 30,...

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NC Tooling System Pro End Mill, a unique tool from NIKKEN and the ultimate solution for Indexable Milling up to 32mm, Taper and Face contact as Standard for maximum rigidity, Unique “MD” antivibration technology Multi-Lock Milling Chuck Multi-Lock Milling Chuck, The market leading solution for cylindrical tools shanks up to 42mm, tools are available in a wide range of lengths and diameters and our unique design and manufacturing processes ensure long lasting performance, tested to 2,000 tool loads Mini-Mini Advanced, our ultimate solution for small diameter end mills (up to 12mm), tools are...

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Spindle Optimisation Angle Heads With 35 years of experience and over 50,000 products installed NIKKEN-ALBERTI are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of Angle Heads and attachments to enhance the functionality of any Vertical Machining Centre, whether that be increasing the output RPM of the spindle or machining internal features otherwise impossible to achieve by other means, NIKKEN have a solution. All our attachment bodies are manufactured form GS600 stabilized spheroidal Cast Iron to better absorb vibration and deliver higher levels of thermal stability, they are further...

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