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Aeerrosspaaccee Our technologies get great ideas off the ground! F1RST PLACE REPORTS A P R I L 2 0 0 6

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Goodrich Corporation is a leading supplier of systems and services to the world’s aerospace and defence industries. The company, with its Headquarters in North Carolina, employs more than 21,000 people worldwide and has over 100 facilities in 16 countries. Goodrich supplies an extensive range of products, systems and services to aircraft and engine manufacturers, airlines and defence forces around the world. From aero-structures through to actuation systems - and from landing gear through to engine control systems, sensors and safety systems - Goodrich solutions are on almost every aircraft...

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Blade Stunner! Customer: Weston EU Limited Nikken Product: Zero Fit Holders Component: aero-engine blades Market-leading Weston EU Ltd is a privately-owned, tier-one supplier principally serving the aerospace sector.The company employs some 260 people at its manufacturing facilities in Colne, Lancashire - and supplies complex engine and airframe components to internationally-known and respected aerospace OEMs and prime manufacturers.These include Rolls-Royce; BAE Systems; Smiths Aerospace,Goodrich etc. Weston EU is a leading exponent of 5-axis milling - and has made significant investment...

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Press Fit - Perfect Match! Located within BAE Systems’ extensive facility at Samlesbury is a 5-axis Mitsui-Seiki Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) where low-volume, small aluminium components are manufactured for the Eurofighter Typhoon. Amongst these are parts and components (root leading-edge) used in the aircraft’s foreplane assembly. The Typhoon’s all-moving, high-strength and aerodynamically-profiled foreplanes provide the aircraft with high-agility and instant responsiveness to pilot inputs. They also act as air-brakes - helping to reduce the aircraft’s landing roll. The prismatic...

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TOOL PRE-SETTERS Nikken Kosakusho UK Ltd Tel: 01709 366 306 Fax: 01709 376 683 Nikken's high-performance tool pre-setters are used extensively in the aerospace sector. For fast, accurate and reliable tool inspection and tool measurement - there's no better equipment on the market. So to find out why our pre-setters are the Number One choice for aerospace manufacturers - call Nikken for the plane facts! Get set to meet the demands of the aerospace sector!

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