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ONESHOT VISIONBOX Image Processing Unit for automatic measurement of image dimensions with a single click Application: Connect to optical devices such as general microscopes, measurement microscopes, etc. for immediate use. Embedded: ONESHOT Software, Communication Protocol, Device Driver, etc. Camera provided ONESHOT Software embedded In-house development based on HALCON software Automatic detection of all measuring points (points, lines, circles...) of an object. Once clicked, measurements completed in one second. Same measurement results with no individual error Simple use - Place an...

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ONESHOT Measuring Microscope - 3

Benefits ■ Great savings in measurement time and cost: It takes only 1 second to measure all measurement points on the screen. ■ Reliability of measurement: It shows the same measurement results, with no individual error, no matter who measures it. ■ Simplify measurement: Place an object on the stage and click once to complete the measurement. ■ Stability: No downtime during use. ■ Out-of-the-box use: related software preinstalled. ■ Simple use - Place an object on the stage and click once to complete the measurement. - Measurement Recipe can be set to simply combine points, lines, and...

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ONESHOT Measuring Microscope - 4

Advantages of ONESHOT VISIONBOX in a measuring microscope Large objects can also be measured ONESHOT by combining XYZ coordinates. Method of measurement - Place an object on the stage and move the stage to the first measurement screen and click to complete the first measurement. - Moves the stage to the position indicated by the arrow on the screen. - Click to complete the second measurement...Repeat...All measurements are completed automatically on the last screen. 3D height can be measured under the measurement microscope. You can check the Z-axis coordinates that are most focused.

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ONESHOT Measuring Microscope - 5

Sub-pixel Image Processing for Precision Measurements An algorithm has been applied to break down images up to 1/100th sub pixels. Image distortion correction algorithm Fine mechanical differences appear naturally on all measuring devices and lenses. Image correction by ONESHOT software greatly improves accuracy of measurement results.

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ONESHOT Measuring Microscope - 6

Powerful Pattern Matching & Measurements in 1 second Even if you change the position and orientation of a part, all measurement points are accurately detected and automatically measured at once. - Measure up to 100 measurement points simultaneously on a single click. - Click to measure in one second: ensures world-class measurement speed. Significant reduction in measurement time

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ONESHOT Measuring Microscope - 7

Same measurement results with no individual error Anyone can achieve the same measurement results without personal error. Sub-pixel Image Processing Image distortion correction Traceability The reference scale used for calibration conforms to the reference scale of the International Accredited Calibration Agency.

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ONESHOT Measuring Microscope - 8

Multiple Parts Measurements You can measure up to 100 of the same kind at once. Simple Usage Designed carefully for simple use with an intuitive interface. Measurement Recipe can be set to simply combine points, lines, and circles. Allows users to perform calibration tasks. Video manual to learn how to use it.

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ONESHOT Measuring Microscope - 9

Simple Usage Display graphic-rich measurement data with high-resolution video images to guide you visually through the measurement process. Simplicity-focused software can minimize training requirements. Tool Property Near Intersection

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ONESHOT Measuring Microscope - 10

Database Management Confidence: All measurement results are automatically stored in the DB. The Trend Graph and Stat Report output allows you to specify a date interval.

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ONESHOT Measuring Microscope - 11

DXF File: export, import Drawings are automatically created when measuring objects in ONESHOT software. You can set the tolerance for each measurement object. Drawings can be exported and imported as DXF file. Image Sensor Selectable Model

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ONESHOT Measuring Microscope - 12

Customers worldwide use ONESHOT VISIONBOX for a wide range of non-contact measurement applications. Measure plastic parts, implant parts, aerospace, automotive machining parts, general precision maching parts, clock parts, etc. The material contained in this material is subject to change without notice. Each company or trademark name in this material is a registered trademark of the company. Copyright NEXTAOI Inc. All rights reserved.. Next Artificial Optics Intelligence Inc.

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