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THE ECOSHIFT TRANSMISSION This transmission is a 5-speed torque converter with a lock-up auto- or manually activated from 7 km/h up to 40 km/h, in order to minimize the losses during the travel. Ecoshift uses engine de-rating to make each gearshift smoother. Its Power Inch declutching system gives you the accuracy of a hydrostatic transmission while keeping the pushing power of a torque converter. For a limited investment you can also choose the 4-speed powershift transmission 2 THE HEAVY DUTY AXLES WITH 100% FRONT LOCK W H 100% FRONT LOCK* N O *optional in alternative to Limited slip...

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Wheel Loaders W170C - W190C - W230C - 5

HEEL LOADER THE COOLING BOX Most wheel loaders mount their radiators back to back. At New Holland we have mounted them to form a cooling module like a box. The benefit is better cooling, in the harshest of environments. In addition, with a programmable reversing fan as standard, cleaning radiators will become a thing of the past. 4 REAR MOUNTED ENGINE WITH SCR ONLY TECHNOLOGY AdBlue The rear mounted engine results in less dead and less stress on the machine. SCR is a well-proven and reliable technology used on trucks in Europe since 2004. Since this solution does not affect combustion and...

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Wheel Loaders W170C - W190C - W230C - 6

MORE PRODUCTIVITY THE BIGGEST PAYLOAD We designed our wheel loaders to give you the biggest bucket payload in the industry so that you can get the job done with fewer loading cycles: with just 3 passes the W170C and W230C will load a 15-tonnes and 21-tonnes payload truck respectively. PRODUCTIVITY-BOOSTING BUCKETS Our flat bottom buckets make all the difference. They have a better penetration in the pile and superior material retention. Their shape allows for a better roll back of the material inside the bucket, so once it’s in, it stays in and you will get the job done with fewer trips....

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Wheel Loaders W170C - W190C - W230C - 7

EASY DUMPING WITH POWER INCH Power Inch is part of the ECOSHIFT transmission, it gives you the control of a hydrostatic transmission and the pushing power of a powershift. You can approach steep slopes with confidence: there will be no roll back. SHORTER V-CYCLE DISTANCE The lifting of the loader arm is faster, so you can do a V-cycle at full speed with the pick up point just 10 meters from the truck you are loading. FASTER ACCELERATION, FASTER CYCLES With ECOSHIFT you can reach maximum speed in just 100 meters. This can save you as much as 30 seconds for every loading cycle.

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Wheel Loaders W170C - W190C - W230C - 8

REDUCED COST OF OWNERSHIP SAVE FUEL WITH LOWER ENGINE RPM ECOSHIFT transmission has a 5th speed, so you can work at lower rpm and save fuel. CUT LOSSES WITH LOCK-UP The torque converter optimises push power during loading operations. When you are not loading, ECOSHIFT locks up, so there is no friction, therefore no losses, in the torque converter. With ECOSHIFT you save more: it locks up from 8 km/h up to 40 km/h, as opposed to most other lock up systems. SAVE FUEL WITH SMOOTHER GEAR SHIFTS ECOSHIFT makes gear shifts very fast 8/10th second) and smooth by optimizing the gear shift depending...

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Wheel Loaders W170C - W190C - W230C - 9

LESS FUEL WITH BETTER COMBUSTION With SCR technology engine combustion is optimised for efficiency: it only uses fresh air and occurs at optimum temperature, guaranteeing the best engine output for power and fuel efficiency. LESS MAINTENANCE WITH NO PARTICULATE FILTER With our AdBlue technology, we don’t need a particulate filter, so you make significant saving on the maintenance. It also means that the temperature in the engine compartment is lower, which means a longer life for the rubber parts and lower cooling needs than other Tier 4 solutions. The smaller fans in our wheel loaders mean...

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Wheel Loaders W170C - W190C - W230C - 10

EXTRA WIDE ACCESS The 4 wide steps and 2 handles make it easy for you to reach the cab; the wide door with no obstacles makes it easy to gain access. OUTSTANDING VISIBILITY You can work fast and confidently with excellent all-round visibility, further enhanced by the curved shape of the rear hood, which is very low due to the small cooling package. SUPERIOR AIR VENTILATION You can work in comfort with the efficient ventilation ensured by 16 air vents and the optional air conditioning system. In addition, the doors open 180° and can be easily locked in open position or unlocked from the...

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Wheel Loaders W170C - W190C - W230C - 11

OPERATOR SAFETY AND LOW VIBRATIONS You will enjoy the protection of our reinforced cab, which guarantees protection against roll over (ROPS) and falling objects (FOPS). We placed the engine at the back of the machine, far from the cab, so that you will feel lower vibrations in the cab. Moreover the ECOSHIFT transmission (option) electronically optimises gear shifts according to the working mode you select, ensuring smooth shifting, so you can work comfortably. SITTING COMFORTABLY WITH CONTROLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS You will enjoy the comfort of the heated seat with high vibration...

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Wheel Loaders W170C - W190C - W230C - 12

REDUCTION IN CARBON FOOTPRINT New Holland has a long history of designing products with emissions levels well below regulatory levels. • Low emissions Our AdBlue technology, developed to meet Tier 4 regulations, not only dramatically reduces emissions levels, but also achieves exceptional fuel efficiency, which further reduces the environmental impact of the machine. • Low impact The AdBlue additive is a solution of urea and demineralised water: clean, harmless and environmentally friendly. • Low fuel consumption Our ECOSHIFT transmission features a 5th speed, so that the machine can work...

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Wheel Loaders W170C - W190C - W230C - 13

EASY MAINTENANCE FROM GROUND LEVEL • Designed for easy access The one-piece electric hood, with alternative opening solution, makes it very quick and easy to access all the service points. We positioned the engine at the rear to give you full access to the engine compartment from the ground. • Designed for fast servicing We grouped all the service points so you save time: the fuel and AdBlue filling points are next to each other and the the 3 oil drains are close together. • Designed for less maintenance We positioned the radiators at the back of the cab, which means they will need less...

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