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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 2


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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 4

The extremely rigid design of the undercarriage ensures a long life. The new heavy-duty ZF axles and transmission provide excellent traction and deliver a higher maximum travel speed of 35 kph, reducing travel time between jobsites. The new design of the B Series PRO optimises weight distribution and delivers an outstanding lifting performance on wheels. All the main service points are grouped and easily accessible at ground level. The arm has been redesigned to provide exceptional breakout force, 5% higher than in previous models.

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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 5

With the ROPS and FOPS protection and exceptional stability of the B Series PRO, the operator can work with confidence. The comfortable cab and intuitive controls mean that they can maintain high productivity during long hours with minimal fatigue. ENGINE & HYDRAULICS The high performance, large displacement FPT Industrial engines deliver high torque and power. The 3-pump hydraulic system maximises swing performance with a dedicated swing pump delivering exceptional efficiency and fast cycles.

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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 6

FAST, POWERFUL AND STABLE UNDERCARRIAGE The undercarriage is designed extremely rigid for a long lifetime. Four undercarriage structures are available to provide the best solution according to customer needs: rear blade, rear stabilizers, rear stabilizers and front blade, front and rear stabilizers. The standard width of the undercarriage is 2.55 m and can be optionally increased on the WE190B PRO to 2.75 m. The travel motor, the transmission and the hydraulic lines are well protected. The heavy-duty axles and higher ground clearance also contribute to the B Series PRO’s reliability and...

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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 7

ENGINE AND HYDRAULICS: A PERFECT MATCH The B Series PRO wheeled excavators run high performance in every working condition, thanks to: - the large displacement FPT engines, that delivers high torque and power - the new 3-pumps hydraulic system, that allows simultaneous and fast movements in every working conditions - the electronic pump management system, that grants always the best match between engine and hydraulic power, minimizing the fuel consumption and the engine load. In addition to this, the large displacement engine and the 3-pumps hydraulic system result in less wear, increasing...

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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 8

SMOOTH AND ACCURATE CONTROLS BRAND NEW CONTROLS FOR HIGH PRECISION The electro-hydraulic system has been re-engineered and now relies on a single integrated CPU, with new software developed to maximise the machine’s uptime and deliver clear diagnostics. The new system and software have successfully completed an extreme testing programme to optimise their performance and reliability. PROPORTIONAL CONTROL AND NEW JOYSTICKS The proportional controls and new low-effort joysticks with longer stroke further add to the excellent control characteristics of the B Series PRO in tasks requiring...

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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 9

A MULTI-FUNCTION MASTER The B Series PRO is a true multi-function master. The operator has a choice of working modes to match the requirements of their task. The adjustable swing speed enables them to adjust power and brake force according to the operation. For special applications, the swing brake mode is easily permanently engaged with a dedicated switch. When the highest precision is needed, the operator can activate the levelling mode on the left joystick. ATTACHMENT MANAGEMENT Managing the attachment’s flow and pressure is very easy and up to 12 settings can be memorised for later use....

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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 10

EASY TO USE The entire cab layout and control design have been developed with the operator in mind, to make the machine’s operation intuitive and comfortable. The new dashboard with LCD monitor and screen dedicated to the rear view camera puts the operator in full control of the machine’s status. The rational layout of the controls makes it very easy to operate the machine. For example, all travel controls - road mode, creep speed, gear shifting, axle lock - are grouped on a switch pad placed on the steering column. The slider function for the blade and stabilizers is on the right...

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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 11

COMFORTABLE The spacious cab with pneumatic heated seat and large glazed areas offers an extremely comfortable workstation with excellent all round visibility, further enhanced by the rear view camera. With an automatic air conditioning system a comfortable operating climate in side of the cab is ensured, contributing to the operator’s well being every day. A radio with USB connection and bluetooth is included in the cab as well.

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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 12

GREAT RELIABILITY AND EASY MAIN The easy serviceability, added to the particular care that has gone into the durability of key components, from the heavy-duty axles to bucket linkages and the new design features such as the electro hydraulic controls and the 3-pumps hydraulic system, contribute to the exceptional reliability and durability of the B Series PRO wheeled excavators. LOW MAINTENANCE BUSHINGS The new low maintenance bushings result in longer greasing intervals (500 hours) and less downtime for the machine. Additional external bushings made of anti-wear steel provide extra...

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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 13

TENANCE SAFE OBJECT HANDLING New Holland Wheeled Excavators can be equipped with all the safety devices required by European Standards EN 474-5: 1996 for object handling operations . The optional Object Handling Kit (safety valves on dipper, loading hook and overload warning system) is available, for maximum operator confidence. PROGRESS IN SAFETY The reinforced structure of the cab complies with ROPS and FOPS standards. Together with the optional front guard it contributes to providing a safe working environment for the operator. ROPS certified cab - ISO 12117-2 FOPS protection - ISO 10262...

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WE190B PRO WE210B PRO - 14

Adjustable swing acceleration (power) and deceleration (brake) Automatic power increase in the drive mode. BRAKES Service brakes: play free, oil bath multi disc type integrated in all four wheel hubs. Work brake: acts on service brakes and locks front axle oscillation. Parking brake: spring type mechanical acting on the transmission. Emergency brake: double braking circuit and automatic parking and brake actuation with the engine shut down. Power Shift multi-disc gearbox shiftable under load. Automatic or manual gear shift control. Travel mode automatically engaged by pressing accelerator...

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