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Midi Wheeled Excavators > MH2.6 Tier 3A - 2

MH2 > MAiN FEATURES AND PERFORMANCES . 6 / 3 . 6 > D igging wallӔ capability due tostandard hydraulic boomfoot articulation. P atented antidrop safety valves are standardon boom and dipper cylinders. P ipings for clamshell bucket operation androtation are standard.Main valve with provision for hydraulic hammerand crusher. T he New Holland MH machines offeras standard a compact upperstructure,integrating longitudinal engine.Even with a reduced tail radius,the service point accessibilityis enhanced and the best access for serviceand maintenance is accessible from ground level.CNH engines give...

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Midi Wheeled Excavators > MH2.6 Tier 3A - 4

MH2 > T hree wide, seagull wing type, side panels with gas springs, allow excellent all round maintenance and serviceability ofalmost all main components from ground level. An extremely accurate layout of all components for easy and time saving maintenance procedures. Some components are conveniently remotely positioned and the engine oil filter is mounted in vertical position to avoid oil spillage. EASY MAINTENANCE . 6 / 3 . 6 > F uel and air filters check.Oil filter in vertical position. D iesel tank with level indicator.Electric fuel pump and windscreen washer reservoir. 4 size="-3">

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Midi Wheeled Excavators > MH2.6 Tier 3A - 6

2 wheel steering Large toolbox under the right step 6 selectable gears; maximum travel speed 33 Km/h LCD with integrated error diagnosis function Automatic axle locking system Noise-insulated and flexibly mounted cabin Automatic battery main switch (coupled to ignition key) Patented safety valves for hoist mode Centralised control of blade and stabilisers on right joystick Pump Management System > Consoles adjustable for height and length Robust, shielded arc-welded, modular chassis in box section design Direct injection with turbo charger (charge air cooling on NH3.6) Safety load hook on...

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Midi Wheeled Excavators > MH2.6 Tier 3A - 12

New Holland is a global brand with a key position in the Construction Equipment business.It supplies a complete range of 13 product lines and 80 basic models split into Compact line and Heavy line. It operates in all the main markets, such as Europe, North and Latin America,Africa, Asia and Middle East with the same technology and under the same logo and brand.It manufactures durable, safe and productive machines aimed at supporting customers indeveloping their own business. global alliance with Kobelco Dealers are company partners : world leader in hydraulic excavatortechnology. . They...

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