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02 HAY & FORAGE EQUIPMENT INTRODUCTION A complete offering of grass equipment. New Holland offers a full range of equipment for your hay and foraging operations. The range which includes mower, tedders and rakes has been designed to deliver efficient and productive operation. The wide range of mowers, encompassing front and rear mounted versions together with lateral and central pull trailed variants means you will find the ideal mower for you. Mounted and trailed tedders and both side and central delivery rakes complete the line-up.

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State-of-the-art manufacturing New Holland’s advanced and modern manufacturing centre in Kutno, Poland, is a Centre of Excellence for hay and forage equipment, with design, testing and manufacture all centred in this plant. Following key manufacturing principles, rigorous manufacturing and quality standards are upheld by a committed workforce, to deliver outstanding quality, durability and reliability. The New Holland brand has become synonymous with hay and forage excellence, an unbroken bloodline which stretches back more than a century. It is fair to say, New Holland has changed the face...

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A wide range of mowers. New Holland has developed a range of disc mowers to respond to farmers’ individual needs. Customers can select the mower which is right for their crop, their fields and their budget.

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Durable cutterbar technology The cutterbar is really at the heart of the mower. All models benefit from the cutterbar’s low profile design, which has a perfectly smooth underside and a large bearing surface which guarantees low ground pressure, thereby protecting both the field and the crop during mowing for quicker regrowth. Furthermore, the low profile design means that the crop can be cut to a 40mm stubble height, harvesting more of your crop. Customers can choose from three different conditioner configurations • PE Finger available on all models – these flexible Polyethylene fingers are...

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06 FRONT MOUNTED MOWER RANGE The New Holland range of front mounted disc mowers is available in two distinct variants. The DiscCutter™ F is a high performance mower conditioner, available in 3.11 and 3.52 metre options, and features advanced contour flotation technology, enabling it to follow the ground accurately for even mowing performance. The DuraDisc™ F mower is available in a 2.96 metre model and benefits from a pendulum floatation system, designed to always follow ground contours. Range DuraDisc™ F DiscCutter™ F

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Optimal crop flow The DuraDisc™ F and DiscCutter™ F models have been designed to position the cut crop between the tractor’s wheel to prevent contamination of the crop due to the wheels running over it. The mowers’ disc all rotate in the same direction, to deliver crop to the centre of the mower. Ground hugging The DuraDisc™ F range of front mounted mowers has excellent ground following capabilities thanks to its simple yet durable suspension system. The suspension system reacts to deliver uniform cutting height in undulating ground. In order to protect the mower from obstacles, such as...

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08 REAR MOUNTED MOWER RANGE The DuraDisc™ non-conditioning range of rear mounted mowers is available in 2.02 to 2.77 metre cutting widths and benefits from a mechanical flotation system, designed to always follow ground contours. The five-model rear mounted pendulum suspended DiscCutter™ mower range is available in 2.37 to 3.86 metre cutting widths, meaning operators can choose the perfect mower, whether working in narrow, irregular shaped fields, or large open spaces. The 2.37, 2.77 and 3.11 metre DiscCutter™ models can be fitted with the optional PE-finger conditioner for improved wilting...

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Vari-Float suspension system The advanced Vari-Float suspension system uses hydraulic suspension technology to ensure that the mower uniformly follows ground contours. This technology ensures a uniform cut, and facilitates optimal regrowth leaving the remaining crop unharmed. Hydraulic obstacle release The hydraulic obstacle release feature is pressurised during operation and makes for efficient, non-stop mowing. Safe transport The auto transport device automatically locks the mower into transport position as the mower is lifted. It can be quickly released from the comfort of the cab when...

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10 TRAILED MOWER RANGE The off-set lateral DiscCutter™ L models, available with a 3.11 metre cut are equipped with a spring floatation system, which reacts to ground pressure for uniform cutting. The centre trailed mower range offers the ultimate in side-to-side flexibility and operational efficiency. The centre pull DiscCutter™ C models are available in 3.11 and 3.52 metre options and share the same spring flotation system technology with L models. All models can be specified with three different types of conditioner, choose between PE finger, steel flail and rubber chevron rollers to suit...

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12 TRAILED MOWER RANGE Productive gearbox technology The 360° gearbox has been designed to deliver tight turning performance on headlands and can turn through a full 90° circumference to draw bar, without causing any vibrations. TopSafe™ system When working in stony ground, the TopSafe™ feature delivers outstanding performance. If the mower comes into contact with a stone or a protruding obstacle, the cutterbar is automatically lifted over the obstacle to avoid a potentially damaging collision. As a result, damage is reduced and machine life is increased. The sensitivity of this system is...

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Productivity boosting central drawbar The central drawbar concept enables fields to be mowed from either the right or left-hand side ensuring the entire width of the mower is always used. Furthermore, it prevents any tapering, therefore, when directly baling or foraging, in-field passes are maximised. In fact, in-field capacity can be 15% higher because working the field from one side will shorten headland turning time and increase mowing productivity. Easy adjustment To ensure quick and easy adjustment, the following parameters can all be adjusted by using just one tool •TopSafe™ system •...

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