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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A


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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 1

BASE ENGINE POWER Operating weight

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 2

New more spacious cab with outstanding visibility. Console lockable in 4 working positions Excellent panoramic view thanks to sloping tail end for improved rear visibility and safety CNH common rail, environmentally friendly TIER 3A engine Optimal weight distribution for good stability at all times, also on difficult terrain NoSpin differential for skid free power transmission to the rear wheels. Oscillating tandem axles

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 3

NDING PRECISION GH GRADING PERFORMANCE Maintenance-friendly design, to minimise service downtime thus reducing the cost of ownership The rear ripper, the maintenance free front blade and the scarifier mounted over the moldboard assure maximum versatility everywhere Hydraulically adjustable, 5 positions saddle for moldboard slewing range of over 90° All-wheel drive version with EDCV to optimise 6 wheels traction on difficult terrain Wheel lean adjustment for slope work and other jobs Roller mounted, encapsulated, backlash-free slewing ring Load Sensing hydraulic system for responsive and...

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 4

F106.7/106.7A F156.7/156.7A JOLT FREE MOLDBOARD with adjustable SADDLE 90º slewing range on both sides he roller mounted slewing ring, with internal gearing, sealed and backlash free, develops very low friction, while generating extraordinary torque for jolt free, very smooth and glitch free moldboard functions. The moldboard has a slewing range of over 90°, fine tuned through sophisticated geometry and a five positions, hydraulically adjustable, slewing saddle. The infinitely variable cutting angle adjustment is also hydraulic. This ensures efficient handling of the most varied ground...

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 5

LOAD SENSING hydraulics hanks to very responsive and precise control, the excellent efficiency of the fuel sparing, Load Sensing hydraulics makes for easy grader operation. A directly actuated axial piston pump delivers only as much oil as it is needed at any time. A high speed function steps up the pace of work at higher engine speeds. Pressure compensation in the control valves allows the moldboard to be parallel lifted or lowered. Responsive work thanks to Load Sensing hydraulics Offset work possible thanks to articulated steering (crab mode) Moving the moldboard to right or left creates...

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 6

F106.7/106.7A F156.7/156.7A TIER 3A COMMON RAIL ENGINE This new generation CNH Common Rail engine represents "state of the art" technology, designed to increase performance and production whilst reducing fuel consumption and pollution. he Common Rail system guarantees that fuel is injected in the cylinders at very high pressure, thus optimising its nebulization and its mix with an increased quantity of turbocharged and after cooled air. Moreover, the quantity of fuel introduced in the cylinders is electronically controlled so that the “right quantity” is injected at the "right moment" and...

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 7

ERGO POWER TRANSMISSION & REAR TANDEM Tried and tested Ergopower transmission with comfortable Tip-Shift gear. he Ergopower transmission is a standard-setter in travel performance, shiftability and noise reduction. Slim contoured gearing, generous helical overlapping and distortion proof, short shafts cut noise emissions by over one half. With each of the six couplings having its proportional pressure regulator, shifting is smooth, with no interruption in tractive force. In fact, the operator barely notices the automatic gear shifting. In NEW HOLLAND graders, jolts from shifting gears are a...

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 8

F106.7/106.7A F156.7/156.7A WHEEL LEAN ADJUSTMENT ELECTRONIC DRIVE CONTROL EDCV heel lean adjustment permits sound and safe work on embankments with no thrust loss from repeated steering adjustments, and guarantees precision tracking. On the all-wheel drive models, the front wheels are driven by a variable displacement pump and hub-mounted motors. The E.D.C.V. (Electronic Drive Control Volume) uses a hydraulic differential to match oil volume and, hence, the front wheel speed automatically to the speed of the rear wheels. Besides ensuring exceptionally high use of engine power, E.D.C.V....

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 9

he new, more spacious grader cab is an outstanding operator station positioned for unobstructed all-round visibility thanks to an increased tinted glazing to the front and floor to ceiling glazing at the sides. Even when comfortably seated, the operator has a full view of the moldboard ends. In reversing, the rounded tail-end guarantees an excellent and safe rear view of any persons or objects in the immediate vicinity of the work area. The neat control console can be locked in four working positions and the operating elements are always easily accessible, enabling the operator to...

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 10

Full powershift transmission with 6 forward and 3 reverse gears. Electric single-lever shift with reverse-lock in ranges 3-6. ALL WHEEL DRIVE Selectable in addition to the hydrodynamic rear-wheel drive • Hydrostatic front-wheel drive with E.D.C.V. ( Electronic Drive Control Volume ) • A bidirectional swash plate pump (forward/reverse) drives wheel-hub mounted motors in each of the front wheels • Hydraulic NoSpin differential prevents one-sided wheel spin and proportions torque when cornering • A microprocessor monitors and matches front- and rear-wheel drive forces • A stepped switch allows...

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 11

interaction • A pedal allows the operator to switch to max. output for faster functioning (high-speed model) • Unlockable check valves maintain lift/cutting angles and wheel lean cylinders constant A-FRAME Robust welded box section A-frame L-profile with 125 x 120 x 8 mm cross section. SLEWING RING CAB Elastically mounted, noise insulated ROPS/FOPS cab with two swinging doors • Either side access • Tinted glass • Rear-frame mounted cab • Heater/defroster nozzles • Ventilation options: recirculation/outside HYDRAULIC SYSTEM

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F106.7, F106.7A, F156.7, F156.7A - 12

ALL WHEEL DRIVE Selectablein addition to the hydrodynamic rear-wheel drive • Hydrostatic front-wheel drive with E.D.C.V. (Electronic Drive Control Volume) • A bidirectional swash plate pump (forward/reverse) drives wheel-hub mounted motors in each of the front wheels • Hydraulic No-Spin differential prevents one-sided wheel spin and proportions torque when cornering • A microprocessor monitors and matches front- and rear-wheel drive forces • A stepped switch allows the operator to adapt front-wheel thrust to existing job conditions BRAKES Hydraulic dual-circuit accumulator pump braking...

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