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E245C - 4

HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN The C Series excavators are designed and built to deliver the ultimate reliability and durability that customers expect. The long undercarriage provides dynamic stability and performance. INTELLIGENT HYDRAULICS New Holland’s Hydrotonic combines highly advanced electronic technology with a sophisticated hydraulic system, and has been designed to maximise the machines’ performance according to the job at hand. The new ECO working mode optimizes fuel consumption while maintaining good performance

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E245C - 5

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology optimizes combustion for maximum efficiency. It reduces harmful emissions with the high combustion temperatures and the addition of AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid. This well-proven and reliable technology, used on trucks in Europe since 2004, delivers more power with less fuel. The ROPS/FOPS compliant EVO cab provides the ultimate comfortable and safe work environment with exceptional all-round visibility and remarkably low noise and vibration levels.

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E245C - 6

MORE PRODUCTIVITY DYNAMIC STABILITY The heavy-duty design is a perfect match with the machine’s powerful performance. The two versions (EL and LC) feature a long 9 rollers and heavy-duty undercarriage that provides the best dynamic stability on the market, ensuring a safe and productive performance on all terrains. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE The exceptional stability and optimal weight distribution enable the operator to make the most of the E245C’s superior breakout force and lifting capacity. The Continuous Power Boost delivers extra power as and when needed, raising hydraulic pressure from...

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E245C - 7

A PERFECT COMBINATION OF SPEED, EFFICIENCY AND CONTROL SPEED AND CONTROL WITH D.O.C. With the Dipperstick Optimized Control (D.O.C.), the excavator always works with two pumps to ensure the operator always has the flow and speed he needs. The Hydrotonic continuously adjusts the flow and speed to match the requirements, ensuring a smooth transition when switching from ligher work to heavy digging. SPEED AND EFFICIENCY WITH CONFLUX The Conflux is an automatic hydraulic regeneration feature that diverts unused oil to feed the cylinder that needs it. This process is faster and more energy...

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E245C - 8

EFFICIENCY THE MOST FUEL EFFICIENT CRAWLER EXCAVATOR WE HAVE EVER BUILT New Holland excavators have a reputation for industry leading fuel efficiency. The C Series takes it to a whole new level. SCR ONLY TECHNOLOGY New Holland’s SCR solution, developed by FPT Industrial to meet Tier 4i (EU Stage 3B) emissions regulations, reduces PM levels with high combustion temperatures and breaks down NOx with AdBlue. GET MORE POWER WITH SCR The SCR solution relies on an after-treatment system, so that the engine can focus on generating more power, torque and a faster response. ENGINE AND HYDRAULIC...

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E245C - 9

HIGH-EFFICIENCY HYDRAULICS The new improved hydraulic system minimizes friction losses and pressure drops, while the Hydrotronic advanced electronic technology ensures 100 per cent pump utilization in all applications. The result: maximum controllability, speed and power combined with minimum fuel consumption. OPTIMIZE EFFICIENCY WITH WORKING MODES H Heavy-duty working mode for maximum speed and productivity S Standard mode for performance and fuel savings E Eco mode which optimizes fuel consumption TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MACHINE’S EFFICIENCY The new multifunctional monitor puts the operator...

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E245C - 10

DESIGNED WITH ENVIRONMENTAL CARE New Holland has a long history of designing products with emissions levels well below regulatory levels. Low Emissions New Holland’s SCR technology, developed to meet Tier4 interim (EU Stage IIB) regulations, not only drammatically reduces emissions levels, but also achieves exceptional fuel efficiency, which further reduces the enviromental impact of the machine. Today our E245C Series excavators emissions levels are as low as: CO: 0.42 g/kWh, HC: 0.03 g/kWh, NOx: 3.01 g/kWh, PM: 0.009 g/kWh Low impact The AdBlue additive is a solution of urea and...

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E245C - 11

EXCELLENT ALL-ROUND VISIBILITY The EVO cab is designed to maximize visibility, with a full size right window and standard rear-view camera. SAFE OBJECT HANDLING C Series excavators are equipped with all the safety devices required by European Standards EN 474-5 : 1996 for object handling operations . The optional Object Handling Kit is available, for maximum operator confidence. The Heavy Lift function provides additional lifting capacity and more precision during load placement, which add up to safer operation. EVOLUTION IN SAFETY The reinforced structure of the cab complies with ROPS and...

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E245C - 12

EVOLUTION IN COMFORT The spacious EVO cab is designed to maximize the operator’s comfort and performance. All switches and controls are ergonomically positioned on the right side, easy to find and to reach; opening and closing the front window is easy with the onetouch lock release; and the extra wide door provides easy access. A FULLY ADJUSTABLE WORKSTATION The seat is adjustable in all directions, independently or with the side consoles. The armrests, integrated in the side consoles, can be placed in four different positions and inclined, enabling the operator to tailor the workstation...

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E245C - 13

LOW VIBRATION AND NOISE LEVEL Six silicon liquid filled viscous dampers and enhanced soundproofing of the EVO cab result in remarkably low noise and vibration levels, adding to the operator’s comfort and reducing fatigue. OUTSTANDING VISIBILITY The EVO cab provides excellent all-round visibility, with a full size right window and standard rear-view camera. The new standard skylight with sunshade provides a clear view to overhead obstacles. EASY TO OPERATE The new multifunctional monitor is easy to read with a full-color screen dedicated to the rear wide-angle camera. The operator can set...

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