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HIGH EFFICIENCY: PRODUCTIVITY A SHORT RADIUS DESIGN The E140C SR has been designed to deliver a big performance in terms of stability and productivity together with the ability to work in tight spaces. It packs the performance and features of standard models in a compact package. WIDE OFFERING Different versions are available to provide the best solution according to customer needs : Mono boom, triple articulation, offset and logging versions. It can be equipped, on request, with 2490 mm, 2590 mm or 2690 mm wide blade according to the width of shoes mounted on the machine. TOP PERFORMANCE...

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OPTIMIZE EFFICIENCY WITH WORKING MODES The Advanced Electronic Processor (A.E.P.) has been upgraded with the addition of a new ECO working mode, which optimises fuel consumption while maintaining top performance. H Heavy-duty working mode for maximum speed and productivity S Standard mode for performance and fuel savings E Eco mode for optimised fuel consumption The new multifunction monitor enables the operator to control the machine’s efficiency at all times: they can keep track of hourly consumption with the fuel economy meter, while the ECO Icon tells them when the machine is operating...

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Crawler Excavators E140C SR - 6

FUEL EFFICIENT ENGINE The fuel-efficient common-rail engine featuring cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) engine technology meets Tier 4 interim (EU Stage 3B) emissions standards while delivering top performance and fuel efficiency. The CEGR system is fully integrated into the machine’s design, so that all-round visibility remains exceptionally good. The machine comes with two modes of regeneration: automatic and manual. In automatic mode, the machine starts regeneration without interrupting the work process and can regenerate during machine operation. The engine speed sensing control...

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Crawler Excavators E140C SR - 7

ULTRA QUIET OPERATION REVOLUTIONARY INDR COOLING SYSTEM The E140C SR features our revolutionary Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction (iNDr) cooling system, which minimises noise, optimises cooling and maximises particulate filtration. The integrated Noise & Dust reduction cooling system is a revolutionary solution that has solved the issues presented to all cooling systems: noise & dust. The secret is the AIR flow management. The air goes through a filter first, ensuring that only clean air enters the engine. It then follows a duct passing holes and joints, which dramatically reduces noise,...

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Crawler Excavators E140C SR - 8

WELCOME ON BOARD NEW EVO CAB The ROPS/FOPS compliant EVO cab provides the ultimate comfortable and safe work environment with exceptional all-round visibility. EVOLUTION IN COMFORT The spacious EVO cab is designed to maximize the operator’s comfort and performance. All switches and controls are ergonomically positioned on the right side, easy to find and to reach; opening and closing the front window is easy with the one-touch lock release; and the extra wide door provides easy access. OUTSTANDING VISIBILITY The EVO cab provides excellent all-round visibility, with a full size right window...

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Crawler Excavators E140C SR - 11

RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY The E140C SR is built to last, with its reinforced boom and easy serviceability. All main service points, including iNDr components, are accessible at ground level. MAINTENANCE The E140C SR layout has been designed to make inspections, maintenance and servicing easy and less time consuming. The engine oil filter, the fuel filter and the water separator are remote mounted and easy to reach from ground level. Both the fuel filter and the water separator, which removes contaminants and water, have an important function for engine performance and durability. Cooling...

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Crawler Excavators E140C SR - 12

TELEMATICS INSIDE GPS POSITIONING Your machine receives its GPS positioning from the satellite. INFORMATION GATHERING Your machine collects its working condition, engine and Can-Bus information, and sends it to the New Holland Fleetforce Web Portal through the mobile networks.

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LOWER MAINTENANCE AND OPERATING COSTS You can access the maintenance information of every unit in your fleet from your desk and receive alerts when a machine is due for service. The maintenance plans can be synchronised automatically with your dealer, so that they run smoothly and the good health of the entire fleet is maintained at all times. HEALTH CHECK AND BREAKDOWN PREVENTION New Holland’s telematics system will provide you with detailed performance information, such as engine load, fuel consumption and Can-Bus based reports, so that you will be able to detect immediately if any of...

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Crawler Excavators E140C SR - 14

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM High capacity double pumps with electronic delivery adjustment. Variable displacement pistons pumps revert in neutral automatically to zero. Main Control Valve with Fail Safe Function and Anti drift valve. H.A.O.A. (Hydrotronic Active Operation Aid) E.S.S.C. (Engine Speed Sensing Control) D.O.C. (Dipperstick Optimized Control) Power Boost device New generation A.E.P. (Advanced Electronic Processor) 3 working Modes H Mode - Heavy duty excavation work S Mode - Standard digging and loading work 14

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Crawler Excavators E140C SR - 15

DIMENSIONS - MONOBOOM Boom lenght 4.70 m A 1490 mm A - Overall length* B - Boom height in transport position Overall height * without blade (optional) OPERATING WEIGHT - MONOBOOM LC VERSION M - Shoe width N - Maximum width Operating weight** Ground pressure Blade width Blade height Blade max lift Blade max dig LOGGING VERSION ** 2380 mm arm, without blade (optional) and additional counterweight (optional) DIMENSIONS - TRIPLE ARTICULATION A 1490 mm A - Overall length B - Boom height in transport position Overall height OPERATING WEIGHT - TRIPLE ARTICULATION LC VERSION M - Shoe width N -...

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Crawler Excavators E140C SR - 16

A - Overall length Overall height OPERATING WEIGHT - OFF SET BOOM LC VERSION M - Shoe width N - Maximum width Operating weight** Ground pressure Blade width Blade height Blade max lift Blade max dig ** 2380 mm arm, without blade (optional) and additional counterweight (optional) NOTE: Rear swing radius with additional (0.58 t) counterweight (optional) is 1600 mm DIGGING PERFORMANCE MONOBOOM LOGGING A - Max. digging reach B - Max. digging reach at ground level C - Max. digging depth D - Max. digging height E - Max. dumping clearance F - Min. swing radius

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