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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 1

NEW TIER 3A ENGINEMECHANICAL OR pilot COMMAND CONTROLSӔ High front loader performance >

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 2

High torque at low r.p.m. Higher reliability Longer lifespan > Load sensing, closed centre Maximum power available where needed Simultaneous movements under every load > Outstanding spacious operator cab All-round cinemascope visibility Choice of backhoe: piloted or mechanical > 2 size="-1">

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 3

New tiltable engine hood for wide, easier ground level accessto main components Automatic belt tensioner Extended oil change intervals > Powershuttle 4x4 Quick and smooth direction change Enhanced traction force > 3 size="-1">

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 4

B 90 > POWER f NEW TIER 3AMECHANICAL ENGINE B > This new CNH Tier 3A mechanical engine is a prime example of our simple yet high performance technology.As a matter of fact simple, being a mechanical type engine, does not mean that it is a low performer. In fact this power plants performance - in terms of power output balanced to the application requirements and maximum torque at lower engine revolution -is at the top of itҒs class. Moreover, the well known mechanical concept is a guarantee of robustness which goes side by side with high reliability and long lifespan. In other words: reduced...

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 6

he B90B features an integrated Hydraulic and Steering System.It consists of two gear type pumps mounted in series with a total delivery of 160 l/min, Load Sensing regulated andworking at a maximum pressure of 210 bars. When the machine is steering, the steering wheel first activates the Orbitrol steering valve, then - via a priority valve - the increased flow required for faster steering effect is diverted from one of the two hydraulic gear pumps. > f the operator is using the front attachment, when required,a special button on the new loader control lever disconnects the transmission so...

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 7

HED (Hydraulic Extending Dipper) is available as an option for maximum reach, digging depth andloading ability whilst optimising the special New Holland design of the complete backhoe. The New Holland backhoe features a strong box section boom and a narrow dipper, so visibility is excellent down the length of the boom to the bucket at all digging depths. Finally, the externally mounted in lineӔ cylinder design contributes to visibility whilst providing the best utilisation of hydraulic force for maximum efficiency. > 7 size="-1">

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 8

B 90B > dominat 4x4 POWERSHUTTLETRANSMISSION T he synchronised, four speed modulated PowerShuttletransmission enables operators to shuttle between forward and reverse quickly and smoothly. This eliminates shock load in the driveline components, increasing durability, enhancing operator comfort and giving safer control of load handling. 8 size="-5">

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 9

e the ground > T he transmissions, fitted on the B90B, is designedto better match the torque of the engine.Efficiently translating the demands of the operator, the new engine provideshigher traction when required.This means shorter cycles and superior pushing capability in front loaderoperations, thus providing higher productivity and customer profit. 9 size="-3">

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 12

B 90B > EASY MAI T EASY ACCESS TO ALL SERVICE POINTS he B90B is designed for simple and easy maintenance and service procedures, thanks to its new tiltableengine hood which grants excellent ground ground level access to all the most important components. Easy and regular maintenance of the machine, such as control of air filter and so on, can only improve durability and reliability, already designed and built-in by New Holland engineers. 12 size="-5">

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 13

n the machines left side, just above the fuel tank, you caneasily reach the pressure check points for the main hydraulic system, steering circuit and pilot control, all grouped together for time and cost reduction whilst improving efficiency, durability and the performance of your B90B. > he battery is both well protected and easy to reach forregular checks, in the box located on the right side, underneaththe cab.By removing one panel it is simple to access both the battery and the master switch. Proactive maintenance assistance to improve machine durability, increase performance and reduce...

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 14

he features and customer advantages of the B90B cab areso many that they cannot be summarised in a single sentence. best describes it as it is incredibly roomy, with ample glass area to assure all-round cinemascopicvisibility. Controls are ergonomically positioned, easy to reach and to read. Side windows can be fully or partially opened for good ventilation whilst, for the most severe climatic conditions, optional air conditioning is available. From his adjustable seat, the operator has his "world" under complete and comfortable control. For operator safety, the cabhas an integral ROPS and...

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 15

ackhoe Pilot Command Controls, like those used on the latest generation excavators, areavailable on the B90B to provide operators with an extremely comfortable working environment.They guarantee a personalised working position, as manipulators may be moved and adjusted longitudinally and laterally. In addition, two tiltable and vertically adjustable wrist rests offer perfect support to operate joysticks with surgical precision. To suit operator requirements, command can be switched between backhoe and excavator pattern on demand, whilst the pilot control can be quickly disabled for safety...

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Backhoe Loaders > B90B/B90BLR - 17

12V power socket 2+2 front and rear working lights 2-4 wheel drive mode selector Ground line fuel fill with 125 litre capacity 40km/h travel speeds Hand throttle lever control Adjustable opening windows Horn All tinted glass Load sensing, closed centre hydraulic system Alternator 90A Multidisc oil bath brakes Backup alarm Powershuttle 4+4 transmission CNH Tier 3A diesel engin Rear axle with differential lock Free maintenance battery, 95 Ah Road travel lights Front and rear windshield wipers ROPS/FOPS cab with heating system Front attachment with automatic return to dig Side mirrors Front...

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