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AS LONG AS WE KEEP ON BUILDING,THER 14% FUEL SAVING Tier 4 Interim backhoe loader 2 BEST IN CLASS PRODUCTIVITY 10% more power than competitive machines

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E WILL ALWAYS BE A DREAM TO ACHIEVE WELCOME ON BOARD LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP Class-leading operator environment Fuel efficient Easy to maintain 3

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Backhoe loader B100C - B110C - B115C - 4

14% FUEL SAVING LESS FUEL CONSUMPTION, LESS EMISSIONS The engine is the heart of a backhoe loader: that's why we design and produce it ourselves. This allows us to calibrate it in order to give you the best performance and the lowest fuel consumption for your own application. In addition, when you are not using the full power of the machine, the variable flow hydraulic pump only takes from the engine the energy it needs. This results in significant extra fuel saving and lower noise levels. CLEAN ENERGY AND QUIET OPERATION IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS The C Series backhoe loaders comply with the...

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Backhoe loader B100C - B110C - B115C - 5

DELIVERING THE PERFORMANCE OF CRAWLER EXCAVATOR The typical "Banana boom" is designed like the arm of a large excavator. The in-line cylinders reduce effort, improve visibility and increase digging performance. Smoother moves allows a faster positioning of the arm over the trench and increases the great stability of the machine. When digging, the load sensing hydraulic system combined with flow sharing valves provide smooth and accurate control, fast loading cycles and, when necessary, is ideal for delicate operations. LONG REACH ARM: BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO TIME TO LOOSE ! The long reach arm,...

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Backhoe loader B100C - B110C - B115C - 6

BEST IN CLASS PRODUCTIVITY JUST LIKE A WHEEL LOADER! EASY LOADING: - All loading functions are on a single joystick - Maximize bucket filling with the Powershift transmission and its kick down function at your finger tips - Work faster with the superior loader breakout force - Lift loads from 3.2 to 3.5 tons at 3.5 m dumping height - Auto-Glide Ride automatically deactivates when you are loading. - Work efficiently, keeping one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the loader joystick EASY ROADING: - Optimise bucket retention with Auto-Glide Ride: no arm bounce when travelling,...

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Backhoe loader B100C - B110C - B115C - 7

SUPERIOR POWER, GREAT CONTROL 100 or 110 hp: that is 10 hp more than our main competitors! SMOOTH CONTROL UNDER LOAD WITH POWERSHIFT Available on all models, the Powershift transmission provides maximum operator comfort. In “full automatic mode” the transmission will auto-shift either up or down the gears, depending on speed and load, improving cycle times and simplifying road travel. The B100C and B110C are also available with the robust PowerShuttle transmission. MINIMUM DOWNTIME - Hydraulic side shift (option): Fast and accurate positioning of the boom without damaging the ground -...

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Backhoe loader B100C - B110C - B115C - 9

ALL CONTROLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS ROOMY CAB WITH EASY ACCESS - - Fully adjustable working position with outstanding visibility. Quiet working environment: cab interior 77 dB Easy cleaning Removable floor covering and flat cab floor make cleaning easier - Storage room - Cup holder - Wider glove box Simultaneous control All loader and bucket controls are located on the joystick Deluxe operator’s seat Adjustable comfortable armrest Suspension seat with height pneumatically adjustable Unbeatable confort on rough terrain and on the road Excellent ventilation Partial or full opening of both front...

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LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP EXCEPTIONAL SAVINGS If your New Holland machine is used for 800 h/year, we estimate that our new hydraulic system, including the Variable Displacement Pump, will result in average savings of up to 1000 €/year. The new engine and variable displacement pump can save up to 14% fuel compared to the previous gear pump models. VANDAL PROOF: PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT ON SITE - Secure hydraulic oil cap-breather Battery box is locked with a key Engine hood can be unlocked only form the cab An anti-theft device is available as option SMART DESIGN - Driving light protection Rear...

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Backhoe loader B100C - B110C - B115C - 11

BEST IN CLASS ACCESSIBILITY - The tilting engine hood provides excellent ground level access to the engine and service points. - Central service point location Daily check and fill points are accessible from ground level for time saving. On the machine’s left side, just above the fuel tank, you can easily reach: - the hydraulic pressure check points, - steering circuit, - pilot control, All grouped together for time and cost reduction whilst improving efficiency, durability and performance EASY DIAGNOSIS Quick engine diagnosis is possible with the New Holland Electronic Service Tool NO...

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Backhoe loader B100C - B110C - B115C - 14

F P ‚ J A K B C I D E OVERALL DIMENSIONS B100C A - Ground distance over front axle B - Wheelbase C - Pivot distance over rear axle D - Max distance over rear axle (with 915 mm backhoe bucket) E - Overall lenght F - Height to top of boom ‚ - Back ramp angle P - Cab height I - Loader bucket width J - Stabiliser width K - Overall width mm 1870 mm 2175 mm 1320 mm 1780 mm 5825 ° 3875 mm 23 mm 2940 mm 2250 mm 2250 mm 2325 LOADER SPECIFICATIONS B100C Maximum loader breakout force Lifting capacity to maximum height L - Digging depth M - Bucket roll back angle on ground N - Reach at full height O -...

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Backhoe loader B100C - B110C - B115C - 16

ATTACHMENTS OFFERING The information contained in this brochure is intended to be a general nature only. The NEW HOLLAND KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY S.pA. company may at any time and from time to time, for technical or other necessary reasons, modify any of the details or specifications of the product described in this brochure. Illustrations do not necessarily show products in standard conditions.The dimensions, weights and capacities shown herein, as well as any conversion data used, are approximate only and are subject to variations within normal manufactoring techniques. Printed on...

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