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Self powered wireless doorbell

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Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell WH,CH

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Wired Doorbell Wireless Doorbell Self -powered Wireless Doorbell

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Evolution of doorbells Wired Doorbell The biggest disadvantage of wired doorbell is need wire. In order to keep a clear wall, the wire is usually hidden in the wall when install. Difficult to install Difficult to maintain This kind of doorbells has kept moving out of market these years

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If you have a wireless doorbell Then you have to replace the 12V battery in time Ordinary wireless doorbells need battery which is 12V/23A,not the 5th or 7th battery.

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Self-powered Wireless Doorbell ■ No Battery ■ No Wire Converting the energy from finger pressing into electricity, then transmit wireless signal Self-Powered/No battery Your energy is more than your imagination

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Process of Linbell Linbell G4 Linbell G2

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Working Theory Force sensor, get the kinetic energy by pushing the button Harvest Energy Transform Energy Encode Signal Transmit Signal Magneto-dependent sensor, turn the kinetic energy to electric energy Communication protocol module, analysis the energy and select the corresponding system Signal controller, transmit the corresponding wireless signal

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Selling Point No need battery any more

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Selling Point No Interference  Every transmitter has unique code, which is applied 32bit ID code  The receiver has a memory chip inside. It can record 10 different ID at most. And it won’t affect each other if not pairing well in advance.  The transmitter works like a broadcast, its signal can be received by many receivers, no limit. No interference even the neighbors use same door

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Selling Point The Relay Function 【Wireless Distance】 ✓ 80m outside ✓ 30m indoor(can pass through a wall) Thanks to the relay function, the farthest outside wireless distance is

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Products Introduction Linptech 1st generation doorbell ♦ Plug Version—British/US/Euro ♦ Music—25 The classical design looks noble.

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Products Introduction linbell G2  Plug Version—British/US/Euro  Music—38 More lovely de

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Products Introduction linbell G3  The upgraded version of Linbell G2  Got a layer of glass  Added a night-light m

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Products Introduction linbell G4  Plug Version—British/US/Euro  36 melodies  If powered off, it can record the setting last time(Music, Volume)  Can distinguish different door by setting different

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Products Introduction linbell G4L  The result of optimization G4 cost  Change a RF way, lower the cost  No relay funct

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Example [Suggestions for large family] ♦ The relay function can extend the wireless distance. ♦ Make sure the distance between different receivers, the transmitters and receivers, is within the wireless scope. ♦ In China, there is a example to use our doorbell as a fire alarm. In order to cover the whole building, we paired 2 transmitter with 48 receivers.

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Thank you! Authorized Sales: QQ:641554344 WeChat:pengjian-1230 Skype:pengjian1973

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