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Safety Traffic Product Catalogue

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*since 2007 manufacturer in China *ODM&OEM are available * Attend Even' Intertraffic exhibition in the vvorld(Mexico,Turkey,Netherlands,China,D ubai Gulftraffic) ‘Delivery on Time *After sales serv ice on line

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Solar LED Road Stud (Cat Eye) "Lamborghini" Design 2. Anti-High(Low) Temperature 3. Protection Level: IP68(get certificate) 4. Load Bearing > 20 Tons(get Certificate) 5. Visibility > 800M 1. Embedded reflector, won't remove from the road stud, 2. High brightness reflector.

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360 degree solar road stud Description: 1. size: diameter 123*23mm(H) 2. solar panel: 2V/0.4W 3. Lithium Battery: 3.7V/700mAH 4. work mode: flashing together or like a circle 5. protection level IP68

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High Reflective Plastic Road Stud Description: 1. Size: 100x100x20mm 2. White/Yellow/Red 3. Acrylic material 4. Road Edge Using 5. High reflective integration reflector

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Police On-Duty Shoulder Warning Light Description: 1. With Gravity Function 2. USB charging port 3. LED color: Red/Blue (can be customized) 4. charge time: 2 hours 5. working time: 18 hours after fully charged

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Police On-Duty Shoulder Warning Light Description: 1. With Motion Sensor 2. USB charging port 3. LED color: Yellow (can be customized) 4. LED flash when people moves, stop flashing after people stop moving for a while automatically 5. Suitable for students, elders, nightwalkers, bicycle riders,ect.

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Solar LED Warning Light Description: 1. Unique Optics System, Uniform Chroma 2. High Brightness: 1000 Visible Distance 3. Work 200 Hours After Full Charged 4. Can Make It Two/Four/Six Group, and Single/Double/Four Sided As Your Request. Solar LED Yellow Flashing Light Description: 1. Shinning Diameter: 200/300/400 MM 2. Color: Yellow/Red/Amber,etc. 3. Solar Panel: Mono-crystalline Silicon 4. LED: Epistar Brand,Dia 5MM 5. Anti-High(Low) Temperature battery

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Description: *37pcs high brightness LED *Solar Panel: 12V/4W *Lithium Battery: 7.4V/4.4AH *100 hours after fully charged *24 hours working *size: diameter 300mm

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Description: *High brightness LED and Lampshade *Can work 240 hours after fully charged *Life span> 5 years *Easy installation *Can be flashing or steady by switch * can put three batteries inside

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Description: *High brightness LED and Lampshade *Can work 240 hours after fully charged *Life span> 5 years *Easy installation *Can be flashing or steady by switch

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Solar LED Traffic Sign Description: 1. Material: Aluminium Board + Engineer Grade 3M Reflective 2. Solar Panel: Mono-Crystalline Silicon 3. LED: Epistar Brand, Dia 5MM 4. Battery: Anti-High(Low) Temperature Li-ion Battery 5. Protection Level: IP65 6. Visibility> 800M 7. We Can Make Any Specification As Your Request 8. We Can Also Make Normal Traffic Sign and Electrical Traffic Sign (12/24VDC or 220VAC)

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Vehicle-Mounted Arrow Guiding Sign Description: 1. Suitable for Traffic Guiding, Traffic Administration, Construction Warning ,etc. 2. It Can Be Controlled in A Car 3. Can Also Work By Solar Powered 4. LED Barrels Quantity: 15pcs/25pcs or Customized 5. Size: 1500*600*65MM or Customized

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Motion Sensor Traffic Sign Infrared sensor pedestrian sign usually installed beside the zebra crossing, at the entrance of the zebra to form a sensor area. When pedestrians pass through, the wireless transmitter emits a signal. The flashing light from both sides of the road starts flash in order to warn the drivers to slow down. Solar Radar Traffic Sign Description: Solar radar speed limited sign work with radar system to test the speed of the passing car on the road.Normally used at the place where needed lower driving speed such as exit of tunnel,ramp,construction area etc

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10W-60W All in One solar street light Description: 1. All in one(solar panel,battery,led together) 2. 10W,20W,30W LED ... available 3. With photocell(working in the night only) 4. Motion sensor :100% brightness when people coming, 50% brightness after 1 min people left 5. Protection Level: IP65

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Solar Guardrail Light Description: 1. Solar Panel: Mono-Crystalline Silicon 2. LED: Epistar Brand, Dia 10MM High-Luminance LED 3. Battery: Anti-High(Low) Temperature NI-MH Cell 4. Protection Level: IP65 Driveway Indicator Light Description: 1. Design for Toll Gate 2. Work Volt: 85VAC-265VAC, 12V,24V 3. Protection Level: IP65 4. Hight Brightness LED 5. Related Approvals: CE, Chinese GB14877-2003 Standards, Related International Standards

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LED Traffic Signal Light Core 1. Size: 200MM/300MM/400MM 2. Work Volt: 85VAC-265VAC, 12V or 24V 3. Type: Full Screen/ Arrow/ Pedestrian 4. LED: Red/ Yellow/ Green,etc. 5. Low Power Consumption, Long Life LED Traffic Signal Light Description: 1. Size: 200MM/300MM/400MM 2. Work Volt: 85VAC-265VAC, 12V,24V 3. Type: *Full Screen/ Arrow/ Pedestrian *Two/Three/Four/Five Group 4. LED: Red/ Yellow/ Green,etc. 5. Low Power Consumption, Long Life 6. Large Visual Angle 7. Multilayer Sealed,Waterproof 8. Has Attained Many National Patent

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Description: l.Used in Some Emergency Situation and Construction Site 2.Solar Powered, No Need Any Wire for Installation 3.Multiple-Function With Working By Multi-Period, Multi-Programs, Multi-Phases 3.Low Consumption, Unique Opitical System, Uniform Chroma

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