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NEUGART Impress with power and precision. Inspire with partnership. “We are fascinated by the way in which a modest number of parts can be used to build a seemingly infinite number of gearbox variants, all the while making it appear like it’s quite simple. Bernd Neugart Thomas Herr Managing Partner Managing Partner We achieve this because we understand the application, exploit the intelligence of our modular gearbox system and develop custom solutions within just a short time. Our gearboxes deliver the power you need: Reliably. Lifelong. And that’s a promise.”

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Editorial Power, precision and partnership – these values characterize our business philosophy and our work, and have for over 90 years. Our offered product range includes numerous innovative, technologically mature, and highly reliable gearbox solutions. We now offer 18 different gearbox series for the economy and precision sectors, as well as two additional planetary gearbox series for specific application areas. As a technology partner, we also provide customized solutions; specialized, custom designed gearboxes. Please contact us with any questions about our products or services – we...

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NEUGART Editorial1 Custom made gearboxes4 Quality5 Tools and trainings6 For decision-makers8 Industry solutions10 Quick overview12 Our gearbox features15 Preformance classes 16 Precision Line PSBN 78 Application-specific gearboxes HLAE 126 Planetary gearbox with mounted pinion 140 Option: Output flange design Option: Input design150 Accessories 152 Product Code Explanation of technical features

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Innovative and individual: Our custom made gearboxes. Compact form and high performance, special construction requirements, food grade certification or individual design: We fulfill even your most complex requirements - in all sectors of machine building. The qualified specialists of our engineering department design gearbox solutions and systems. According to your performance, price and quality needs. Your benefit from innovation: We utilize our experience and at the same time take advantage of new developments, integrating them into our customer solutions. Close collaboration with our...

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Power at a high level: Our quality. Your satisfaction is our measuring stick – that’s why the quality of our products and services is always our top priority. With our quality and environmental policies we secure and expand our economic success throughout international markets. Our high standard in product quality, support and service is appreciated internationally: With over 70 representatives and branches, we are represented in all major industrial nations. We manufacture our products exclusively in Germany. In the USA and China, our assembly factories serve regional markets, guaranteeing...

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Powerful and intuitive interface: Neugart Calculation Program – NCP The Neugart Calculation Program (NCP 4.2) lets you assemble the optimal motor and gearbox combination with just a few clicks. Your application therefore becomes cost and energy efficient. In the background, a complex software routine calculates all parameters for your whole drive train. Despite this complex process, the tool is easy to use: The NCP user interface presents a clear intuitive structure. NCP gives you access to virtually all of the conventional motors on the market and a large number of applications like...

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New online services, new options: Tec Data Finder – TDF With just a few clicks, the Tec Data Finder (TDF) generates all of the information relevant to your gearbox. This includes the specific technical and geometrical data in the form of a dimension sheet as well as the CAD models in all of the usual formats. At the same time, the gearbox geometry can be adapted and tuned directly to your specific motor. This is based on a comprehensive motor database or on manual entries of individual connection measurements. In addition, the gearbox data can also be downloaded directly from the dimension...

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Perfection in every detail: Our products and our service. We support you with a wide range of services – from NCP our , free calculation tool, to the Neugart dimension sheet and product finders to our integrated, certified claims management. We are represented in all major markets with local companies. Our internal information network and the business software we use ensure smooth internal communication and optimally coordinated business processes. Powerful, efficient and innovative: We create forward-looking solutions in gearbox technology – high quality at reasonable prices.

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Decidedly different: Neugart - for good reason. Neugart distinguishes itself with advanced, innovative technology, with high-precision production technology and has been doing so for decades. Worldwide, renowned customers put their trust in our vast experience. Our precise planetary gearboxes and our experience in the construction of custom made gearboxes are highly sought after in national and international markets. Put your trust in the highest level of performance - Made in Germany: In our well-balanced portfolio you will find the right product for your needs. We can provide you with...

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Industry solutions We are your specialist in planetary gearboxes. As a reliable, trusted and innovative planetary gearbox manufacturer, Neugart has been supporting all industrial sectors for over half a century. Our products get the job done, regardless of how complex our customers’ needs may be. Over the years, we have become the foremost leaders in drive technology specialization. Our vast industry knowledge allows us to support customers with their most challenging projects and to offer the latest technologies and solutions. Our constantly expanding product inventory provides effective...

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Neugart gearboxes are world-class products. Unique possibilities are available for countless industries as we continuously optimize all technologies and services related to our products. We invite you to benefit from our competitive advantages. Automation and robotics ■ Cost-effective gearbox solutions ■ Smart software for all product aspects (~cro g~o~i Packaging machines ■ Dynamic and hardwearing gearboxes ■ Cost-effective gearbox solutions Machine tools ■ Extensive application experience ■ Reliable and long-lasting gearboxes Food and beverage industry ■ Certified products ■ Worldwide,...

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