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NGV - 1

NEUGART X* NGV The planetary gearbox for AGVs. Compact and highly resilient. OUR GEARBOX SOLUTIONS: AS INDIVIDUAL AS YOUR AGV. + Ideal for high radial loads + Extremely space-saving + Ease of installation + Available in single or multiple units + Best price-performance ratio

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NGV - 2

The planetary gearbox for AGVs. Whatever the demands that you make of your AGV drive: we can provide you with the ideal gearbox solution for your vehicle. Every detail counts, so that a gearbox can fulfill application-specific requirements in an optimum way. AGVs are designed to transport heavy loads on a continuous basis. The specific structural and mechanical demands are extremely high. However, we fulfill them in a reliable way with our NGV planetary gearboxes. Because the gearboxes impress with their compact design, efficiency and durability, and we have specifically optimized them for...

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NGV - 3

Installation configuration of the NGV gearbox with wheel and motor Big ideas, compact size. From a structural point of view, AGVs do not have much room for gearboxes. It is therefore important for them to be very compact. With NGVs, specially developed wheels enclose the gearbox almost completely. In other words, the gearbox is basically outside the vehicle in the wheel, which saves space. If the structural length of the drive train is to be reduced even further, the gearbox can also be installed using so-called direct motor connection. In this case, the sun pinion is attached directly to...

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NGV - 4

The planetary gearbox for AGVs. NGV: The perfect gearbox for AGVs. installation space + Direct mounting The mounting interface allows direct mounting of the gearbox to the vehicle. No additional adapters are required. The gearbox is almost completely enclosed by the wheel. The required installation space in the vehicle is therefore reduced to a minimum. + High load capacity The preloaded, double-designed angular contact roller bearings permit very high radial forces. + Motor independent By using different motor adapters it is possible to mount almost any motor. Direct mounting of the motor...

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NGV - 5

We supply the NGV gearbox in three sizes, with maximum support loads from 350 kg to 1075 kg per gearbox. For each gearbox size there is a specially developed heavy-duty wheel with a diameter of 160 mm, 200 mm or 250 mm. Maximum speeds of up to 2 m/s (7.2 km/h) are possible. + High load capacity: Angular contact roller bearing with optimized load application point. The 2-stage planetary gearboxes originate from our economy model series, which has been proving itself for decades. This combines the best efficiency, a long service life and high precision of ≤ 12 arcmin with an outstanding...

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NGV - 6

Max. load capacity of NGV gearbox with NGV wheel and dynamic load with nominal torque (T2N). Application-specific design with NCP required. With Fa=0 The ratio-dependent values can be retrieved in Tec Data Finder - Tmin = -40°C. Optimal operating temperature max. 50°C Sound pressure level from 1 m, measured on input running at 1^=3000 rpm no load; i=25 Max. motor weight* in kg = 0.2 x Mb / motor length in m * with symmetrically distributed motor weight * with horizontal and stationary mounting

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NGV - 8

NEUGART NGV wheel 160 NGV wheel 200 Scope of delivery: NGV wheel incl. screws and closure cap Empirical values. At 4 km/h and with maximum load. Friction coefficient depending on subsurface. Specification p=0.25 with NGV wheel on ground, dry steel rail.

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NGV - 9

NGV gearbox Technical data Output torques Ratio-dependent. Application-specific speed configurations with NCP - The ratio-dependent values can be retrieved in Tec Data Finder - These values are based on an output shaft speed of n2=100 rpm Based on the end of the output shaft Other (sometimes higher) values following changes to T2N, Fn Fa, cycle, and service life of bearing. Application specific configuration with NCP -

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NGV - 10

Do you have any questions or need further information? We are happy to advise you on all topics relating to drive technology. You can find your personal contact at: Email: Web: Neugart USA Corp. 14325 South Lakes Drive Charlotte, NC 28273 USA Phone: +1 980 299-9800 Fax: +1 980 299-9799 Email: Web: Neugart Planetary Gearboxes (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. No.152, 22nd road E&T Development Zone Shenyang, PC 110143 PR China Phone: +86 24 2537-4959 Fax: +86 24 2537-2552 Email: Web:...

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