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Neugart WPLFE - 1

WPLFE Economy Line WPLFE The shortest right angle planetary gearbox with flange output shaft and maximum torsional stiffness Thinking around corners even in tight spaces. The WPLFE is our right angle planetary gearbox with compact flange output shaft. You save more than a third of the space and gain a significantly higher torsional stiffness. Thanks to its standardized flange interface, it is especially easy to install. The integrated dowel hole provides additional secureness during fitting. Nominal output torque Radial force Axial force Torsional backlash Protection class Frame sizes

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Neugart WPLFE - 2

WPLFE Economy Line Economy Line Right angle gearbox Equidirectional rotation Spur gear Bevel gear right angle stage Extra large round type output flange Low-friction deep groove ball bearings Flange output shaft (ISO 9409) Planet carrier in disc design Detailed explanations of the technical features starting on page 169.

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Neugart WPLFE - 3

Technical data Code Gearbox characteristics Service life (L10h) Standard lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication) Food grade lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication) Grease (lifetime lubrication) Nm /arcmin ( arcmin) Standard backlash Standard surface Running noise(4) Max. bending moment based on the gearbox input flange(5) Output shaft loads Radial force for 20,000 h Moment of inertia Mass moment of inertia(2) Protection class Number of stages The ratio-dependent values can be retrieved in Tec Data Finder – Tmin = -40°C. Optimal operating temperature max. 50°C...

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Neugart WPLFE - 4

Technical data Output torques Ratios (i=n1/n2) Number of stages Application specific configuration with NCP – Different service life: 10,000 h at T2N 30,000 rotations of the output shaft permitted; see page 158

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Neugart WPLFE - 5

Technical data Output torques Average thermal input speed at T2N and S1(4)(5) Input speeds Ratios (i=n1/n2) Number of stages Permitted 1000 times Application-specific speed configurations with NCP – See page 158 for the definition Average thermal input speed at 50% T2N and S1

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Neugart WPLFE - 6

Drawing corresponds to a WPLFE090 / 1-stage / flange output shaft with dowel hole / 19 mm clamping system / motor adaptation – 2-part – square universal flange / B5 flange type motor (1) The dimensions vary with the motor/gearbox flange. The input flange dimensions can be retrieved for each specific motor in Tec Data Finder at Geometry(2) Centering diameter output shaft Centering diameter output flange Flange diameter output Mounting bore output Pitch circle diameter output flange Pitch circle diameter output shaft Flange output shaft diameter Total length Flange thickness...

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